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December 20, 2006



You are living in MY brain. I've lost track of what I've bought for whom, haven't had a "real" dinner planned in days, and randomly, I keep forgetting to buy Kleenex as well!!! Came home yesterday to look for something, turns out it was in my car all along. ADD or over-tasking??

amy f.

My favorite line of the entire post, "I wanted to cry but I didn't have any Kleenex." You crack me up. I totally hear you on leaving things behind (either in the cart or never gets put in the cart once bagged)or forgetting things that I intended to get at the store. I am notorious for all of those things lately. I am a list queen now, but even with a list I've been known to forget things (didn't get put on the list in the first place or forgot to get from my list, aargh!)I agree with you about shopping at Kohl's late at night. Our Kohl's is open until midnight every night (and has been for a week). I feel bad for the employees, but I took advantage of it one night from like 9-11. Good deal...I can't stand the crowds and lines while shopping. I am officially done shopping, it's a good feeling :-)All of the holiday tasks will get done...they always do. Hope you're enjoying this time right before Christmas, even with all of the chaos and endless list of things to do. By the way...I'm making a note to self to never again make fudge while on Weight Watchers. That was a bad move on my part!Enjoyed your post :-)


Beth, I do that all the time. I tell David I am going to the store for something and come home without it, That drives me insane!! I hope your head feels better soon. I didn't get to see any pictures. For some reason it wasn't working, but I read all the captions. I am sure they are adorable!


I found your blog and have to say I am really enjoying reading it so far. I can totally relate to the going to the store for something particular and leaving without it. I went to CVS for tissue paper and left with size 2x panty hose and no tissue paper. I didn't even want size 2x panty hose--how did they get in my bag? Very frustrating.


When did Christmas creep up so quickly?!? I forgot to buy Kleenex today too. Somehow I forgot without my two runny-nosed kids in the cart. That sucks that your bag didn't get turned in. We've done that before, and it is always the item we need/want most.Mark is roaming around Kohl's right now (9:30PM) as I type. I wish we had babysitters so I could shop too!All your Christmas festivities sound so fun!

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