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December 18, 2006



I have to say, I can't stand that show. I watched it a little bit in the beginning but couldn't take it. I am sure there are people that like it, or it would be off the air by now.


I have seen it before but can't say I enjoyed it. I know this isn't PC, but they creep me out. I think it was selfish that they had children since they passed on those genes. Seems sort of cruel, no?Then again, I'm bipolar and passed those genes on so who am I to judge.

amy f.

I've never seen the show, Beth, but I could see myself getting hooked on a show like that. We all have our guilty pleasures!!


LMAO-- I haven't ever even heard of the show and busted out laughing that the show is actually about LITTLE PEOPLE. Damn. That's almost worth getting cable for.x


I saw one episode, and did immediately get sucked in (but then, I'm a television whore for reality tv) but was not interested enough to remember/follow when it is regularly on. Of course, I did DVR the entire season of "Making the Team: Dallas Cheerleaders" so who am I to judge?


I watch it if it happens to be on when I have a second to watch TV. They do some pretty cool stuff and I think all of the kids are so great. It is strange, but hey, it takes all kinds right?

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