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July 28, 2008



we'll be waiting....................


I triple heart that shot, of Ariel.


Can't wait for more! The pictures are gorgeous. Just finished a box of Bug Bites. Not sure whether I should thank you for showing me such deliciousness (I'm SURE that's a word... I hope) or if I should curse you and the pounds I am sure to gain as a result of those tempting little bugs.


Those curls are precious.



I love the Curious George jammies! And her hair! How adorable.

Boo cut her hair once, and she loved it too.

Laura H

Your niece is adorable. I love her curly hair!!!

You take really awesome photos. Love the shot of your daughter!

Deconstructing Jen

Oh, you and I are so alike. Especially in the fact that our husbands would flip us the bird while they work in the sweltering heat outside and we sit and type away on the computer.

Have fun mulching, well, or have as much fun as one can have while mulching.

Can't wait to see more pics. The ones you have up are gorgeous. :D


Oh you think you can distract us with your cute neice. Yes, she is absolutely precious, but we are on to your tricks. We want house and yard pictures and we want them NOW!!!

Anyway, as usual, I have photo envy. Those pictures are stunning. I'm also glad to hear that I'm not the only one who cleans only when having people over.

The Pumkin Patch

Those are some very pretty girls you got there! I can't wait to see pics of the house


Beautiful pictures - the mulch can wait. I want to squeeze Ariel and give her the biggest hug. I miss that girl - and you & Racecar too. Have a fun night tomorrow with the girls. Please tell them all I said hi.

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh, your niece and Ariel are just DARLING!



My son had cut his hair on numerous occasions...I'm not really sure why. The last time was the morning of my wedding, and he was the ring bearer. He always chooses this one spot right in the front...the problem is that he doesn't have a whole lot of hair anyway so I'm not sure how he could manage to get the scissors up there and cut hair and not skin. Luckily I could take him to the same place that I was getting my hair done at and they kinda fixed it. I can still tell when I look at our wedding pics.

Your niece has adorable curls and looks completely innocent!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I seriously can't wait to see these house pictures! Get out there and mulch your heart out, baby!

That picture of Ariel is absolutely beautiful.


Beautiful pictures!! You are an awesome photograher! ;o)

Amy F.

I could eat your niece. She is the most adorable little thing ever.

Yes, please capture pictures in those few moments when the house is spotless (although WE don't care if it's spotless!) because we are dying to see them.

Your last line about Brian flipping you off had me laughing out loud. You're hilarious.

Not Just Any Jen

What darling little girls there! Beautiful pics!

Megan (FriedOkra)

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!


I love Ariel's bangs. No scratch that. I love that SHE loves them. lol. I'm assuming she has instructed you not to "fix" them? And I love your last line...I hope Brian wasn't too bothered that you were blogging instead of helping! =P


oh those curls are just too cute...my sister looked a lot like that when she was little. :)

Hope you have fun hosting your moms group...enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see ANY pictures you are willing to share.


OK, first off: the girls are adorable! Second, you are just like me procrastinating. I am glued to my computer so I don't have to do laundry, dishes, mop, bath children... etc....

Mary C

Oh my word, those curls. Gorgeous.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It meant alot. :)


I love her curly hair! So cute!


When did Ariel grow up so much??? She looks so mature! A real beauty. Tell Brian he better learn how to use a shotgun to keep the boys at bay.



Both your niece's and your daughter's "do" are gorgeous! ; )



I just saw a sign in an Etsy shop yesterday (that I am totally going to buy) that said "My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!"

I'm in the boat with ya sista! Well, except my house isn't new, and I don't have readers clamoring for pictures. I just want to walk without stepping on a lego or matchbox car. I also need dishes to eat on.

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