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August 25, 2008


Adventures In Babywearing

I totally voted for you! And just now realized that I am up for the same thing! I didn't think I made it past the nomination stage. Hilarious. If we don't win, then let's make our own calendar, k? I'll be Charlotte.


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

I voted for you... because i think hot is more than just looks... it's heart too... and you've got both...

but then again, i'm partial to the sweats look... :D


YEAH!!! I voted for you! Good luck sweetie!
~ FC

T with Honey

I just wish I had more than one vote for this because there are at least 5 women on that list I want to vote for.

And don't knock yourself. You do deserve to be on that list.

Laura H

I voted for you earlier today when I stumbled upon the list :)


Cutoff sweatpant shorts... my kind of hot blogger! I voted for ya!!


You are one of the first blogs I check every morning. You are definetly a Hot Blogger. :)

Sharon - Mom Generations

Oh, Beth! You sizzle with hotness! You downright hotify. Total hotatiousness. You're so hot that I have to make up words to describe your H-factor! Congrats! (And by the way... your face, your smile, your wit, your sweats, your mommyhood, your humanity and your legs... all HOTHOTHOT!)


You totally got my vote, you stubble-legged, sweat pant wearing hot momma, you!!!


I voted! Good luck!


Voted! Good luck

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