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June 22, 2006



I get tired of cleaning too. What's your least favorite chore? Mine would be the bathrooms. I love, love a squeaky clean bathroom, but get grossed out in the process LOL.Looks like Brian enjoyed his Father's Day! He's such a great dad! And, you ARE SuperWife. A perfect couple!I had to laugh at Noah sitting on Anna watching tv. Brooklyn does the same thing to Micah. So cute!Beautiful sepia pictures of your friend's son. Such a sweetie baby! Have a great weekend with your friends!

Sara T

I hate when I forget to comment. Sometimes at work I have to take down the page in a hurry..and I think I commented...but I didn't...obviousely. LOL!Cleaning SUCKS! I hate it so much. If I could afford it I would get a maid. LOL! I always feel like I am cleaning. Colin likes to dump everything out....and Doug lets him. Errr.And you so need to eat more. ;) Your getting to close to me. Can't have it. LOL! And ewwwww with the ketchup. Although Doug will love that.And holy crap super wife! WOW! Brian is one lucky man!! WOW!! You so put me to shame. And I know I have told you this already about the pictures...but you are really REALLY good. Those pictures are so awesome. I wish you lived close by so you could take pictures of Colin. Hope you had a great weekend. And get on blogging!! I'm beating you...and that is just plain sad. LOL!


I definitely get tired of cleaning. It never ends!!!As for the pics, they are beautiful and incredible! Love them - tell me your tricks!And as for Grey's Anatomy, OMG, is that not the best TV show ever??? I watched the entire Season 1 dvd in 2 days! And I sobbed after almost every episode! Oh, the one w/the 2 y.o. who has surgery by Dr McDreamy was the worst - i was bawling my eyes out!!! I had to take a shower to get over it afterwards and snap back to reality.

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