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August 15, 2006



Glad to hear that Anna is fine.


great pictures.. glad ot hear about Anna.. What is it about children .. I swear Sam and Abby misbehave on the same day.. Drive me batty.


Wow, your pictures are amazing! I really enjoyed looking at them.Emma has those same sandals as Anna! Size 7, but she's outgrown them just about.Your kids are beautiful! I can't imagine them being naughty! lol


SO glad that Anna is fine! Megan got a shock today too (and gave the nurse dirty looks on the way out the door). It looks like she enjoyed the big city zoo MUCH more so that the MC zoo!!


I am SOOO glad to hear Anna is fine! Wonderful zoo pictures! The kids look more grown up with each picture set that I see! (And no wonder... 3/4 inch in 2 months!!!!)Any word on Brian's potential job?!?! Love the city pics. I love/miss visiting downtown Chicago.Hope the kids are being angels for you today :)

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