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August 19, 2006



I know what you mean about the music.I have to run out and get Emma some sponge bob pineapple shampoo now, thanks, lol.And I agree with you totally. I am much happier w/the way life is now. Enjoy your time, you'll be home before you know it!


Hey there Beth, You must be relieved that a decision has been made about the job. I hope Brian really likes it!!I love listening to music for that very reason. You can go back, but the memories and the feels from that time can visit you. Our minds really are a beautiful thing.Enjoy the drive back and please be safe.


Yea! about coming to a decision! That must be a load off of your mind. One thing I love about driving alone is listening to "my" music (loudly!). Some of my favorites from my past are still on tape cassette LOL! I need to convert it all to CD. Glad you are home safe with your kids. Did Anna start school this week?

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