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August 25, 2006



That looked like one seriously angry, pre-funnel cloud! I'm glad you were safe in the basement and that the kids were blissfully oblivious. Glad you have a weather radio too! As for Anna, she is adorable. No tears is a wonderful thing to celebrate. Go Anna! How was your one-on-one time with Noah??


Wow, that did look scary!Yes, Anna is adorable! Good for her not crying. That is always something to celebrate.


Wow Beth! I am glad you and the kids were safe. That was a serious storm! It really took big trees with it! I love Anna's school, so bright and open!!! It looks like a wonderful enviroment for her to thrive in!! You must be so proud of your big girl! So now it is just you and Noah. What are the 2 of you doing with your time alone?


So glad you are safe and sound!!!Anna is looking like such a big girl going off to preschool. What cute, cute kids you and Brian make :)!!!Lois

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