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November 23, 2006



Hope you're feeling better soon! LOVE your blog.


Hi Beth, I hope your health problems aren't anything major. Hope you are feeling well soon.


I followed the link and read the interview from Dana - it was interesting and insightful. While I disagree with his opinions (and I do not believe that just because someone is there fighting that his or her opinions carry more weight or validity about the decision to continue the war) I completely respect and applaud his honor and courage in representing our nation overseas. Not supporting the war does not equal not supporting the men and women over there (in my eyes, and I feel badly that many soldiers disagree with that).I hope you are feeling well and that it's nothing too serious with your health!


What a great article from Dana's brother. I have SO much respect and admiration for anyone who is overseas fighting during this war. It's nice to hear a firsthand perspective. Thanks so much for sharing that! Hope your headaches are gone and that you're on the road to health. Nothing is worse than feeling like crap!And I hope your Thanksgiving turned out wonderful. Thinking of you and sending healthy thoughts and prayers your way Beth! I miss ya girl- we need to get together soon!


Hey you! I'm sorry I couldn't get over here earlier! Thank you so much for the link love! That is so sweet! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling the best! Please get better soon!-hugs galore-Dana

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