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November 14, 2006



I am cracking up at the Ariel, Race Car and Witch thing. That is so funny, I can imagine how you explained to the daycare workers what was going on!


Okay Witch, I'm seriously cracking up at the name changes. Very creative ;), but very hard to deal with in public I'm sure. I mean if I heard a kid calling their mom witch in public, I would seriously piss on myself and then after I cleaned up and stopped laughing my ass off, feel really sorry for the mom!!A corn? For real? Ugh. Glad you got it removed.And as for that ingredient causing headaches. What the F*ck?. I could never give up all of that stuff. Not even most of that stuff. No way. Hopefully the adjustment of your BP med will fix you right up so you can carry on eating your chips and queso every night.


I am thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better soon! Good for you for getting checked out :) I make lists for my doctors too, but I am lucky to remember to bring it with me. Yah, I must BE old.The new names are too funny. I seriously busted out laughing while imagining them talking. Huge bummer on missing Oprah!


I'm sorry to that you aren't able to go see Oprah with me. Next time for sure! Your kids are so creative with their new names. I wonder why they named you witch? Are you sure they didn't mean stitch from you taking the kniting class? Ha!

amy f.

Your kids are TOO funny. The names they chose are priceless. Um, DIGGING a corn out of your foot sounds very painful! I'm sorry you had to endure that, but glad it feels better!How the heck does Lynette always get tickets for Oprah? What is her trick? Who does she know? I'm dying to see Oprah some day. She says she's only doing the show 5 more years....the clock is ticking...I must get my hands on some tickets!

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