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December 17, 2006



I do the same thing, buying and returning. It drives me crazy that the stores play this game. I am can't they just put the lowest price on the stuff and be done with it. I wish there was a store that did that. Ok, so where are the pictures??? I fully expected to see the kids in there program. Were the pictures off center or blurry from your tears. Come on Beth...you always share. I want to see you cute children!!!


Aaaauuuggghhh, cookie exchanges!! Evil! Luckily I have been able to get my kids to eat some of the cookies every night, so we are almost done with ours, and I am NOT baking again until Saturday (to have stuff in the house for my family coming in from Rhode Island and Houston). And I hear you on the stuff getting cheaper - I thought I was doing so well getting Sam's big Santa present at 50% off on Amazon a month ago, but I just saw it for 20 dollars cheaper in the Toys R Us flyer. However, I am too cranky and stressed to return anything, so I give you major props for braving the crowds to save money.


I hate dreams like that--dreams that are so real you're no longer sure if it's a dream. I really can't imagine where Brian will sit now. Don't put him in the basement--if he's anything like his father, once he goes down there, he'll NEVER return!! ;-) Enjoy the week as best you can between all of the hubababaloo--


OOOH Abby would totally want that.. for some reason she has really likes the little mermaid right now. I got her her little mermaid blanket.. does that count. (hey I think bitty twins are pretty cool gift)I am almost done with getting ready for Christmas.. we where on pause and I can't belive I have less then a week now.

Laurie & Chris

I made 10 different inds of cookies thisw eekend I am cookied out ! But thanks for asking! Don't you just hate when you make up your mind to buy something and it is more then what you remember it being?!

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