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Laundry Buttons

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December 05, 2006



I will have to try that recipe! Thanks for including it.There must be something in the air. I was just at Jenn's and she is cleaning and organizing also. I was telling her that I am in the middle of doing the same thing. I feel so much better when I get rid of stuff! I LOVE GETTING RID OF STUFF!!! And YES Wal-mart SUCKS!!! That store is always my last resort. I do Kohl's, Target, and everywhere else before I head to Wal-mart. Sorry about missing out but hopefully you will find it somewhere else. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!


I'm going to have to try that recipe. You're too funny.


Oh my, I completely understand about the master bedroom being the catch-all. Except we ran out of room, and now the office is overrun with JUNK too. I had to chuckle at your "standing" at the computer since I do the same. I am in cleaning hell LOLHope the cleanliness lasted for awhile. My kids would definitely be rich by now if they were getting paid to be messy!

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