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January 08, 2007



Hey Beth,

I love the new digs!!! Great look!

The family picture came out great!


i love that family picture.


You look great! I didn't realize your son wasn't exactly the same age as Emma. I thought he was born in May for some reason.

I need to do what you do and plan my meals. That is an excellent idea. Sounds like you're on the ball!

Those things on Emma's legs are just modified women's knee hi socks. They call 'em Baby Legs and charge like $12 or more for them but I made them for only $2! What a deal, huh?


Wow - very nice new place you have here! So clean and fresh! Great start to the new year. I love your family picture. Everyone has great smiles. How did you manage that?

My kids are finally getting healthy now so you should bring your kids over so you can have some Mommy-alone-afternoon-time. Seriously! And also do you have anyone to watch Anna and Noah during your February retreat? If not, they are welcome to stay here.

And we are totally on the same page today with it being Monday and having a headache and cramps. Gotta love being a woman!


I love the new digs!! It's gorgeous, and oh-so-you!! What a great way to welcome the new year :-)

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