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January 09, 2007


Amy F.

Glad you found out what was really going on...and sounds like you did the right thing by calling. Aren't you glad you did? You were there for her when she needed you. It was very Christian of you, Beth!


The point is Beth, once you knew what happened, you called! You corrected the mistake and made it right.


One of the beauty of bloggin is it's "sponteniety". We can blog what we think, see or percieve at that moment.

You are brave to post back and "confess" you mistake. You're not a jerk, you're human :)

Your transparency is refershing.


Your poor neighbors! What a nightmare - at 2 in the morning! And by the way, you're not a jerk. You just called it like you thought you saw it and it happened to be wrong. You know the saying, we all make mistakes. But you made right on it, so for that I commend you.


Beth, you are SO NOT a jerk. In fact, you put aside "the awkwardness" to reach out and be a friend in their time of need. That speaks volumes of your character and innate goodness.


You are not a "jerk".....soooo far from it! Kudos to you for calling and 'fessing up (we would have never have known!).

PS--are you LOVING the Time Traveler's Wife. Go slowly...it was one of those books I didn't want to end!

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