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February 12, 2007



yeah, yeah, all those organizing tips are real cute an' all but did I read correctly? Did you say you SLEPT IN until NINE-THIRTY on Saturday? What's your tip for THAT??


Holy Crap! We had the same Saturday for the same reason!!! My closet practically glows with organization now, and boy do I have plans for the rest of the house. Damn. Oprahsueded again. She's THAT good. (Although "the Secret" episode, I thought, was a little out there)

Laurie & Chris

We have been trying to go through each room of our house a little at a time. Good luck!! We have a couple more to go through:)


This episode rocked and got me into action. I am an organizing fool and am so excited you got to get in on it too. Very addicting isn't it?


I missed that show...rats!! Really did want to watch it.....but I got into the groove of things this week-end too. We are selling our house and needed tips...sorted the bathroom closet...and the dreaded kitchen junk cupboard. Oh I love this time of year, cleaning and getting ready for spring!!


I missed it, too. I'm not perfect, but I like to think I'm fairly organized.

What is this hanger system?

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