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March 06, 2007



Great tips! I recently learned that if you spray the brownie knife with something like Pam (I use a Pampered Chef kitchen spritzer), it won't stick either.

An Ordinary Mom

I will have to try this PAM thing out because I hate boil overs.

And we are definite plastic knife brownie cutters in this house!


I didn't know that! Next time I will be prepared!


I use oil in my pot of boiling water all the time, especially with pasta. It works great!

Thanks for the tip on cutting brownies with a plastic knife. I'll have to try that one.


I knew oil would keep my pasta from sticking together but I had absolutely no idea it'd prevent water from boiling over. Thanks so so much for both of these tips! I love your blog, I'll definitely be back! =)

Janet Bowser

I had no idea about this tip. You can bet I will be doing this next time I make anything that calls for boiling water. With Charlie, I make about three pots of mac and cheese a day. He lives on it.


I do the oil thing all of the time. It's amazing how it works. I'll have to check out the plastic knife trick. Brownies anyone?


Very interesting about the oil preventing boil overs. Learned something new today. Then again, you also taught me to cover my pot with a lid and the water will boil quicker. One would think that is just common sense, but apparently I didn't think of it. Every time I boil water now I think of you Beth!


Great tip! Thanks for sharing it with us!


No way! I didn't know either of those tricks. THANKS!


Really? Wow, cool tip!
Have a great Wednesday.


Cool tip!


I had no idea that the oil prevents boil-overs. I thought my mom always used it just to keep the pasta from sticking together. Maybe she didn't even know about the boil-over thing.


I use this too! it works wonders! I use evoo, but you can use whatever oil you have...
Great tip!

It's a Mom Thing

Thanks for the great tip. This happens to me all of the time...I'll walk away for just a second and hear "whoosh" as the water boils over.
I read the plastic knife in brownies tip a few weeks ago, and it really works. Super!


I usually only put oil in the pot when I was making long pasta (spaghetti, fettucine, etc) for the no stick effect. I had no idea it helped with boil overs, too! This is definitely a new habit I'll have to adopt. Thanks!

Girl Gone Wild

Two great tips! Thanks.

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