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April 09, 2007



ohhh, the kids look like they are so happy! I love how excited the kids get when they hunt for the eggs the "Easter Bunny" has left them!
Good for them!


Oh Man! Let's not even talk about Weight Watchers! I made myself sick on the Reeses eggs...my favorites! :)

I enjoyed your story about Easter morning. Your kids are adorable!


I love your posts so much! You always make me laugh.


"Don't make celebrations about food, they tell you. Find an activity besides eating, they say. Apparently, I was confused because eating was my activity."

They apparently never grew up in a family with 6 kids where "potluck" is synonymous with "party". I hear ya sister. I never made nice with that philosophy.

At least you did all your eating in the presence of others. I shoved food (er, ok, candy) in my face all day and then turned down the cake and cookies at my sister's house. How's that for bass ackwards?

Amy A

I just LOVE that picture of the kids! Easter was such a great day, I only wish it could've lasted longer!!


I want to hear more about your holy water episode. I can only imagine!

Ariel and her cousin look like twin sisters. That is crazy! Gorgeous girls.

I am going to take you up on the game night. I have never heard of the game Quelf, but love any type of game especially if you can describe it as hysterical. I am in! We'll bring the drinks.

T-Money Hibner

Beth, you are sooooo funny and I love the Easter morning story. Never a dull moment. We were 30 min. late to church and didn't even realize it and Dan was high-fiving God because he only sat in the back with Tessa for 25 of it! I love this whole blog thing you are doing- you never cease to amaze me! Love, T

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