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April 13, 2007



Hey Beth - I will hold you accountable! - LOL! I am not good at math, but I'll remind you every now and then to make sure you're counting your calories...

HOWEVER, tonight is an exception. Go ahead honey....INDULGE! Enjoy your date night - drink all the margaritas you want. I look forward to a romantic post about that date night (of course it has to be rated PG for - but we know what else will transpire - right? wink! wink!)

I love it that your kids and their cousins love each other - what a joy!


Have a great time. I haven't been on a date with hubby in forever. For us, a night watching rented movies while eating popcorn is all we get. Sometimes we even get to watch it without pushing pause every 15 minutes to go and see what the kids need. Have fun!


Hmmmm...being mysterious are we? I look forward to seeing your grand plan.

Have a blast tonight! And if you get a salad (O.K. don't laugh too hard), just go ahead and dump the dressing RIGHT ON TOP! Don't dip your fork. Hell, don't even ask for it on the side! Go crazy!!

But remember, you do have a date with your tracker...I'm holding you to your word.


Guess what happened to me and my husband one time on our movie date night...I left the movie and went to Wal-Mart!!! No lie. We don't see that many movies on dates because I actually like to converse if we're ever alone. But he was couldn't wait to see the first Lord of the Rings movie. He was a big nerdy fan of the books. Anyway, after 45 minutes in Middle Earth or where ever the heck those troll people live, I'd had it. The movie was three+ hours long and I told him I'd pick him up at 11:00. Off to Wal-Mart and Starbucks. I hope your date goes better...my advice...avoid the Fantasy or Sci-Fi thrillers!



Everyone I know that has seen Reign Over Me said that Adam Sandler was really good in it. Don Cheadle is one of my favs too, so even if Adam is terrible, you've got that fall back!
Have fun tonight, and be as bad as you want! Points start soon!


Have a great time on your date! We just saw "The Lookout" and while it wasn't the best movie that I've ever seen, we did enjoy it. Let us know what you ended up seeing.


You know what we like to do? Drop the kids off at his parents and then come home for a little something something before we go out. Works up the appetite and burns calories. ;)


Have fun. (BTW - we call it "pop" too).

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry

Well, I can't wait to find out what your "little project" is, because I definitely need to get busy on the whole health trip, myself.

Hope you guys had a great date night!


I found you through Best Blog Nominee. I hope you can come on over to my blog and check my blog out.

P.S. Have fun on your date

Tina - mummifiedx5

Hi, not sure how I came across your blog but I'm glad I did! Hope you enjoy your date...gee I can't remember the last time DH and I went out but it's definitely overdue!

J. Fergie

I lost it after "She Bangs."


HAVE FUN on your date!!! I'm jealous already. And let us know how the movie is.


Hope you have a great date!


I've started on WW points this week. Good luck to you! Found you via BooMama. Hope your date night is fun.

Jenn B

Okay, so this is why I nominated you... divorce papers, unlimited fries, junior mints (YUM!)... Love it! I have been giggling all week when I read your posts (despite my furrowed brow and squinty-eyes from a terrible sinus headache).

How was your date??? Hopefully you didn't end up at Wal-Mart ;)

Molly Neher

Sweet Beth...

You are the funniest girl I know. Great job on the WW points, I have never tried that. A tip for you would be to read things you write...you could skip the sit ups from laughing so much. I love laughing. You will live a long long long time b/c you are funny sista!! How was your date?


Hope you had a lovely date night and completley indulgent meal!!!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse)

Good for you! I'm of no help. I think the last movie I saw in a theatre was "Titanic." NO wait, I saw "The Notebook."

Girl, I need to get on that little diet bandwagon with you. I've fallen off of my own, and it's run me over. Keep me posted. I'm doing a low carb/low fat regime. Which works great. If I stay away from the cake mix. Sigh.


Have a great date night! We were actually told in counseling a few years ago to go on a date once a week! Ha! We make it a quarterly thing!!! Ha! :) We saw Perfect Stranger....that was interesting....weird ending, but great acting! :)


My DH and I had our first date night in ages this week for our anniversary. I posted about it here: http://amy-tinyblessings.blogspot.com/2007/04/wfmw-date-night.html#links complete with a movie recommendation. I hope you had a great time!

P.S. I've read those books, too, with the "at least monthly" advice... how do people manage that?!? We're thrilled if we can find a sitter and coordinate our schedules once every few months.

Tracy F

Date night??? You are supposed to go on a date with your hubby?? You are supposed to talk and have time alone??? Seriously???

Yea, it has been a long time since we have spent time alone and on a date! Oh wait, I forgot, we went out to dinner about 2 months ago. The food wasn't that great, so I guess we are going to have to go out again. I want to go and eat on the river, but it is so darn cold here with the worst nor'easter in 2 decades they say. The national guard is already on stand-by.

Can't wait to see your latest project!


Did you like Reign Over Me? I liked it. I thought that Adam Sandler did a great job in it.


I need to start counting points too! Let me know when your "surprise" is ready!

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