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Laundry Buttons

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April 16, 2007


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

I love seeing people come together.... :) Thank you...


I'll go back to update this lovely offer too. I too love to see the glory of God revealed through those who choose to show love in whatever form they can give it.


This is such a nice thing you're doing. We need to get Heather's button and the link back to the fundraiser posted everywhere!


This is such a lovely thing that all of the contributors are doing!


Thanks for doing this for Heather.

Southern Girl

What a great idea! Thanks for doing this! I hope we in the blogsphere blow the roof off in terms of donations for Heather. :)

Adventures In Babywearing

What a divine idea. I am sure Heather's family is beyond belief and the kindness of strangers! I hope we can make a huge difference and make this difficult time a bit easier.


Barbara H.

Wonderful! Thanks so all involved!


Everyone's support is just wonderful! It is just wonderful how everyone has helped out! :) God bless everyone and our prayers are with Heather and her family.

The Pumkin Patch

This was a wonderful idea! Thanks for getting it together!!!


I am so happy to be able to help Heather and her family. You girls are true examples of how marvelous God's children's love can be!


Thanks for doing this!

Bonnie @ Grandparents Corner

Thanks for doing this for Heather.

Many blessings!


As the recipient of the "For Kelli" offering of love, I know they Heather will be blessed by the outpouring of love, prayer and financial support. I'm sooooo excited! Can't wait!


This is such a GREAT thing!


I am blown away... simply blown away. Thank you to all who are donating, and to all who are putting the button on your sites..

My entire family is in awe.. Thank you.


 Terri @ in His hands

Wow, you rock! How sweet of you to think of this!

Jenn B

How awesome :) I can't wait to see how it turns out for Heather!


I'm happy to do this for Heather. I pray everything works out OK and that the blessings just rain upon her.


This is one of those things that makes blogging so rewarding.


I am thrilled to take part. The prizes are cool, but the linking together with others to spread the word about Heather is far more needful and rewarding.


This is so great! Thanks for putting it all together...may you be blessed as well!

Jennifer Sprague

I want to help, can I donate a prize? I have written about Heather on my blog, as well as told my newsletter about her - I will add the button to the side bar tomorrow - to tired to deal with blogger tonight!

Please let me know [email protected] if you would allow me to donate a prize as well!!!


I emailed you about donating a year of web hosting. :)


My post has been up for a few days and the button in my sidebar.

I am so blessed by the love being shown to Heather in the joining of spirits, and, of course, by Heather's faith.


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