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April 16, 2007


Diane J.

I'm in and the post is up now. Thanks for doing this for our dear friend. :-)


This is such a sweet thing to do. It really is a privilege to do something for Heather.

grafted branch

I don't have a post about it, but I have given it my most prominent spot on my sidebar until after the day-of-love offering.

Lesha Anderson

I'm glad to be of any help!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

Thanks so much for doing this! I am sure Heather is feeling so supported by all this love! Ou post is up.


I've done my best in my technologically challenged way! I'm not great with links and stuff but I think people will find it without too much problem.


Thank you for doing this. It is amazing to see people coming together for Heather.


I just know we are really going to bless Heather and her family! I'm excited and "ready to rally!"


Oh, I hope we can raise tons of money!!!


thank you for your generosity in hosting and organizing this... all the more incentive to have people spread the word is a blessing!


Thanks for putting this together Beth. I know this can be a lot of work - God bless you for this ministry...

J. Fergie

Great idea Beth. Thanks for organizing.


Great idea... it's so good to help each other out! I pray for Heather daily..


It's very sweet and thoughtful of you to do this! I need help with the button. I tried (copied and pasted) but it didn't work. Please advise me what to do. Thanks a bunch!


we will continue to keep Heather in our prayers. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing for this family.


Mrs. C

Heather is on my prayer list! It's so exciting to see the internet being used for something GOOD!

Tracy F

How exciting you have gathered so many to help out. Glad I could be a part of it. The prizes are great and I have my eye on one of them. I will have to keep my fingers crossed.

Great job Beth and Boomama!!


Sending love and light to Heather and her family. Blessings to all as we join together in this healing. Joy


To God be all the glory.


I am honored to be a participant.
Many thanks and blessings!

Mary C

Thanks for setting all this up!

Karen from the Korner

Thank you for doing this! This is such a great idea. It's awesome to see so many women/businesses getting together to help a sister in need.

In Him~


Thanks for organizing door prizes. Such a sweet gesture.

I've only been too glad to participate.

Looking forward to midnight so I can donate!


I thought I was crazy for starting to blog. But it's things like this where we band together to help one another that make my "wasted time" a complete JOY!


Thank you for organizing this for Heather. She has been such a blessing to us...she deserves a little blessing herself!

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