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April 17, 2007



Heather, could you please email me??? I'd like to put together a Surprise Gift Box for the prizes list ...

[email protected]



Yeah -- I soooo meant to say...

BETH, could you email me?

What can I say ... Heather's on my mind. A LOT. ;-)

Sorry about that.


Look at you dumping batter!!... Have you lost your mind??

Just kidding. Great job with counting points. I'm still struggling.

And don't traveling husbands help with the waistline SO MUCH!!

Trust me. I feel your pain!!


I'd die if dh had to travel like that. And I could have sooooooooo written that paragraph about dieting and weighing all the time and throwing out cupcake batter to keep from eating it. OMG. We are SO much alike!

I was working on a post sort of in response to the one you wrote last week about getting back on the weight loss wagon. I felt like it ended up being all self-centered, but just know, I feel your pain, girl. I know it has to be a lifestyle, not a diet, but to stay thin, I think I have to make diet my lifestyle. UGH.


I used to dread my husband being out of town as well. What I can tell you is that it does get easier as they get older. Thankfully my kids were 5 and 8 in 2005 when my husband actually lived in another city!


Oh yummy cupcakes. And can I just add that you make some of the best cupcakes!

We would love to come over and keep you company while Brian is gone. Let me know what day(s) and we'll make a date of it. The time will fly (hopefully for your sake). I have gotten used to it now and it's not as bad as it used to be.

Looking forward to your A.I. review. I better go watch it first.


I have bookmarked you as a favorite. I enjoy reading your posts...I need to go back and catch up..just discovered you! I did WW too (you can check out prior posts on my blog) and lost 51 pds in 36 weeks! WW even did one of their success stories on me. I was thrilled. That was about a year and a few months ago and I have gained about 5 pds of it back, but still hanging in there. And my favorite bad thing is cookie dough and cake batter. Heck, I make it jsut for the batter and never make the cookies or cupcakes. I'm that bad!!!


Sounds like we are living parallel lives. My husband was gone for most of the 1st week of this month, then worked out of town last weekend. He left this morning for Vancouver, BC. He gets back some time tomorrow, but leaves for Texas early Sunday morning and will be gone till May 2.

I've already had one kid sick today (she threw up in the van on our way home from dropping her sister off at school... thank goodness for leather seats and rubber floor mats!). While he is in TX, I'll have dental and orthodontic appts for the kids (including 2 baby teeth extractions) and will have to take the eldest to the airport to go on a choir trip to Chicago.

This has been a very long month.

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