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May 22, 2007



Hang in there, you will be successful.

Mary C

Hey- if you aren't gaining, you are successful!

Southern Girl

Any loss is a good loss, absolutely! Especially considering the yummy things you ate. Keep it up! (The losing, not necessarily the eating of fast food. *g*)


Great attitude! I'm right with you on the .4 this week. Let's just keep keeping on! :)


You're completely right. A loss IS a loss. Grats!


Yes, you are right - a loss is a loss. Good for you.


Great job for not snacking. I'm duly impressed! Whenever we go to visit Dave's parents, I always say that all "good food choice" bet's are off once we cross a state line. Fast food just taste so much better when it's in a different state, I think.

Good job this week. Good luck with Memorial Day!


A loss is a loss. I completely agree!!! (As I post my own 1/2lb rationalizations on my blog!)

J. Fergie

You're a superstar for eating that "well" and still losing!

I need to stay strong for Memorial Day too - and we're going to the "Chocolate Capital of the USA" Give me strength.

Keep it up!


Losing anything after all that yummy food would be a victory for me. And the walking you do, just as incidentals, when on vacation is amazing.

Last year I went to visit a friend in Belgium and I honestly thought my pedometer was going to explode.


A loss is definitely a loss.
You go girl!

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