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Laundry Buttons

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May 04, 2007



I have coffee spewing from my nose!! Those were great!


OK, YOU are my new favorite blogger. SWEAR!!! I would have had coffee spilling out my nose too...if I drank coffee...really, those are hilarious. If you don't mind, I think I will borrow your idea for an open letter like that to my nosey neighbor..I've got some great ideas for THAT ONE rolling around in my head. Really hilarious. If I do it, I'll give you credit of course!!! Love this post!


Laughed. So. Hard. thanks!

On the Journey to Victory

I love the love letters. I liked the yard work and the birthday drums set. They were great.


You have such a pretty blog!

Great post! I heart Miami Ink. Oh & I hate Bratz Dolls too. Ugh. Your daughter is a doll.


You can sign my name to all of these letters too, except the TLC one. I don't have cable/satellite. Or TiVo. Is that sad?


Crack.me.up. Let me know if you want to take Uber Mom out the next time I'm in town....serioulsy!!!!


You would think by now that I would've learned to go to the bathroom before I read you're blog because I'm tired of having peepee accidents.

I laughed out loud at the whore house. Seriously. Dude, still laughing.

I haven't done my purse yet. I know, I suck. But that didn't stop me from tagging you for another one, anyway!

J. Fergie

Dear Beth F.,

Forget TLC. Your posts make me very happy, all tucked in my bed at night.

Your faithful blog reader who needs to get off the computer and go to sleep.


Jessica Keith

That was hilarious! (dern, wish i'd thought of it first). I think I'll go make some coffee and then read this again so I can spew it out of my nose too. :D


How funny are you?

I would like to write a love letter to DVR, diet cherry coke, and Target.

I would write a mean letter to whatever childless and Godless person created Bratz dolls.


military mommy

Hi Beth - I have been lurking for a few days and just wanted to say hi. :) This post really got my funny bone going.

I'm excited about the weight loss challenge.

Have a fun weekend!

Adventures In Babywearing

You are too fun. When are we getting together again? I love your letter to your neighbor. I may have you beat by wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row (sometimes it's even washed in between then!)



Beth, those letters were great. You really have a way with words!

By the way, my prize arrived yesterday. I posted a link in the URL slot if you want to see how lovely it is.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,

Adventures In Babywearing

Oooh whee- I see a new look here!! I love the colors!! And the pink boxing gloves rock!


Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse)

A tamborine might wrap a little easier.

That was funny funny funny. Thank you. You ought to live next door to me! You'd NEVER have to hear a lawn mower. In fact, it's hard to tell there's even a house here for all the weeds. But then, you'd hear the screaming from within. And you might hear the children. :)


OH MY WORD - I LOVE THIS NEW DESIGN! Just perfect for your blog! and the new caption - love it!

AND THESE LETTER - oh my gosh, they are soooo funny! You ought to write a book titled "Friday Love Letters". I bet you it will be a best seller!

Thank you for brightening my night. I came home a little blue (I will blog about it in a little while after I drink my coffee). Visiting your blog is a good therapy :) - better than seeing a shrink!


I just came across your site and love these letters! There have been MANY times when I've wanted to give a set of birthday drums!!!


You always make me laugh!

You've been tagged (check out my blog).

Yummy Mommy

THANK you for saying that about stupid Bratz Dolls. They are one of my biggest pet peeves, not only for how they might make my daughter feel about herself someday, but also because of how they may be teaching my son to view women. Did you know they have a movie coming out? Ugh.

liz monkeykisses

OH my this is way too funny!!!! i was laughing so hard


LOL... Can you sign my name next to yours? I am laughing so hard.

Bratz dolls - yuck. Neighbor's yard across the street - makes us look like the ghetto. Favorite shirts - I always end up outside visiting in the same shirt, different days. (I still think a CafePress store is in order!) The Super Uber Mom - gets even worse when they're in public school. 5K walk - sorry, on your own there. My local fundraising sucks this year. I heart my DVR!!!!!!! Otherwise, I'd never watch TV.

p.s. We had phantom recordings in our bedroom and had to change the remote frequency. (Our neighbor's remote was programming our back DVR!)

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