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May 08, 2007


Serving Him

Hey there partner. I just wanted to cheer you on and let you know that I am in this with you. So, here's to our efforts to shedding some unwanted weight to reveal a healthier and happier us.

military mommy

Hey Beth - Just dropping by to encourage you and say that "You can do it!". Your track record proves that you can. I believe in you. See you on the scales! :)



I can't wait to start tomorrow!

Thanks for posting your numbers! I'm much closer to the weight you began with and am inspired!

Also, I like your new "look!"

:) kittyhox


Wow, you have kept the majority of your weight off for several years. Good for you. I am sure you can get that last 10 pounds back off. Is there a bikini in your future????


You can do this, I will be cheering for you.


I too like your new look - thanks for sponsoring this contest. I am looking forward to doing it with you! I love your blog.


I too like your new look - thanks for sponsoring this contest. I am looking forward to doing it with you! I love your blog.

A Juggling Mum


I just wanted to pop in and wish you all the best for the challenge.

Rachel xxx


You can do it! It's really hard to stay at your ideal weight, but don't let that make you go in the other direction. We're here to help. Have a great weekend. I would love to see Wicked.

Homeschool Mama

I'm with you... My oldest has her bday party with the cake I am making, pizza, cokes and popcorn, of course. It's going to be hard, but we can do it!
Good luck!

Southern Girl

Wow, Beth, you've already done such a great job losing weight and keeping most of it off...I can't imagine that you won't drop that ten pounds during the Challenge! You inspire me!


I'm inspired by you! I've been going to the gym 4 days a week since February and I've only lost 3 pounds. I have to either learn to stop stuffing my face or have lypo. Ha.

Good luck with the last ten! I know how tough that can be!


Came by drop cheer you on. You can do it! I'm starting out slow. I'm getting on our swing set 2 times a day. Right now THAT winds me!


We can do this! Your weight loss is phenomenal and an inspiration to the rest of us!


Go Beth - you can get it back!

Karen L

Sometimes that "seemingly" insignificant 10 lbs is the hardest to lose! I'm here with you - you CAN bring sexy back! I want my size 10 back!!!


How amazing are you to commit to being healthier for yourself and for your family! And, that you've rallied 100 people to join you!!! Wow! When you look back on this journey, it will be such a good feeling! You go sexy lady!


Let's do it to it.

And I cannot BELIEVE you are going to see Wicked. Pardon me while I go pout.


You can do it! Decide what you really want to eat, what is really worth it.


I'm so jealous that so many get to participate in the weight loss thingie...I'm preggo, so can't. :( Oh well, I'm at least working on getting more active.


You started 5 lbs within where I am now and your current weight is my eventual goal weight! Since you did it, it must mean so can I! Wa-hoo!


Just wanted to stop by and encourage you in this endeavor. You can do it!

Adventures In Babywearing

I am pulling for you, too. You can do it! I think you look great now, but want YOU to be happy!



Oh you KNOW you will bring Sexy Back!!! The Outer Banks won't know what's hit them!! :-)


Beth - you've already come so far! You can do this, no problem, even though it won't be easy. So unfair, the immediate hurtles you have, but hey - they're all really great things, so can't be too upset. You've got a great attitude and I look forward to cheering you on :-)

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