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Laundry Buttons

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May 14, 2007



Your kids are so cute...but that bike. that bike. cool!!! That is a great way to get exercise. And you girl, crack me up!!!


When my hubby bought me a bike for my birthday one year, it definitely hurt my butt! So he bought a gel seat pad. (Not that I don't have enough padding on my butt already.) I don't know if it really worked or not... I never really rode the bike. (Hence the extra padding on my butt.) Maybe you could find a gel pad and a nacho dispenser to go with some handlebar ribbons and a bell! :)


I haven't ridden my bike in years, but (no pun intended) I remember the pain of the back side. It does get better...really...but not nearly as soon as one would like.

Buying a comfier seat isn't a bad idea - and they do have those "STYLISH" bike pants with the extra padding that makes riding a bit more comfortable.

Good luck!

Adventures In Babywearing

I have been wanting a new old-fashioned bike, too! Would be so fun if we could ride together!


Tracy F

When I got my bike last year, I bought a better seat. It makes a huge difference!!! The seats that come with it are pure torture!!

Mrs. Schmitty

What a great gift for Mother's Day! Your kids are absolutely adorable!


Oh I love my bike too. (you do get used to the seat) I have a entry level (500 dollars) woman's mountain bike. Chris has umm 8 bikes I think. 2 road, 4 mountain bikes and 2 other random bikes.

I usually upgrade my seat for a woman's seat but my bike is WSD so I the seat it came with is great.


Hmmm - a time out in a sporting store with a gun above their heads? Are you sure that wasn't planned? I am cracking up over that! I am very proud of you for getting your bruised booty back on your beautiful new bike. You will eventually break it in, but not before it feels like it's breaking you in! Bike riding is so much fun and almost therapeutic with all the fresh air and freedom. Isn't making exercise fun the whole idea?

J. Fergie

How great!! I used to looove riding bikes. We're all supposed to get bikes this summer so I guess I will be complaining about my butt soon too. You will get used to it! But, if it's really bothering you, you may want to get a padded seat cushion that fits over your bike seat. And a handlebar pouch for the nachos :)

On the Journey to Victory

Oh I want a bike! I have been riding my daughter's and it's not working well.

Glad you are enjoying your gift. Your children are adorable.



You may be able to get a big, fluffy, nice-to-your-butt seat instead. Yes, they do make them.

Your kids are adorable. Much cuter than the bike, though the bike is very pretty. :)

Amy A

What a pretty bike! I'm jealous! Very cute pictures of the kids!


is it nice and flat where you are b/c around here it's very hilly. i'd love to ride a bike. so much fun!


Our oldest works at a bike store. He's always talking about "fat bottom girl seats". I was quite offended by it all until I overheard him walking around singing the Queen song, "fat bottom girls". Ahhhh...at least the connection makes sense now.

P.S. My hubby bought a fat bottom girl seat for his bike and LOVES it :)


They do make a bike seat that kind of looks like 2 seats side by side, one for each cheek. I've heard they are really comfy.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry

I love the bike; it's very cute! So are the kids.

Also, all the comments about butts and bike seats have me giggling.

Kathy/ Lessons from the Laundry

So cool about the bike. Soon your kids will be big enough to go on family bike rides. One year I got a baseball mitt for Mother's Day. That was on of my best because I could play after dinner with the kids...and it didn't feel like exercising!


The bike butt definitely gets better over time, but I ended up replacing the seat on my bike with a more ergonomical (that is, wide load) one.

My son has the same baseball outfit! I love that one.


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