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May 09, 2007



I'm with you! I have to completely rinse plates off when a meal is finished, because I have been known to go back and forage for leftovers while the dishes are in the sink. Thank GOd for the internet, where I can't see you making the crazy motion next to your temple as you read this comment :)


Your willpower is impressive! I don't think I could have done it if they'd been handed to me like that. Not ordering something, I can do, not eating something when it's right before my eyes... not so much. :)


That's awesome, good for you!!


"and there we sat, riding side by side, solemnly in silence, staring straight ahead" - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!


Way to kick the Munchkins in the butt! Does DnD carry fruit?? Could you trade your complimentary fried balls of lard for a banana?!?! Do they have *lite* fried balls of lard??


Hey you. Michelle turned me onto your blog. Great one! I wish I stayed home...my blog was so good then. Sigh...

Great job on having the willpower to throw free fried sugary goodness into the trash. I KNOW I couldn't do it.

Jessica Keith

I am so impressed. Forget DnD, I can't even walk through the bakery at the grocery store without daydreaming about the sugar-love that could be. Good for you!

Pinks & Blues Girls

Love your blog... you have a regular visitor in me!
Congrats on kicking the munckins! I used to have that problem at our local bakery - I would get my usualy coffee... but the manger would throw in a vanilla cupcake - I'm not kidding, I had to stop going there! :) Good for you though!!!!
Have a great night!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls


I haven't yet met anyone who can resist donuts. I am in awe.


Hey, how do you put a big pretty picture above your header in blogger? Just wondering if you knew.

Sounds like you were very resourceful this morning!

Julie in Texas

Great job resisting the Munchkin... I laughed out loud picturing you and a doughnut riding in the car w/o speaking!

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging my beginning!


Well... you won the battle of the donut and I lost the battle with the cocoa krispies. *LOL* I added bananas to them, though - you know, to up my health content. *L*

I think the battles we win get easier in time. Good luck on your 10lbs. Oh to be 155lbs again!


Excellent post..Thanks for encouraging me. I am very proud of you!!!


If only I could have your willpower! My day one of the challenge went really well. Then reality struck me and as I thought about eating healthy everyday I became overwhelmed. Day 2- not so good. Day 3- pretty bad, so far. Ugh!

J. Fergie

Way to go!

I've soooo been there with the carseat ordeal. good thinking on the spare seat!

I'm sad to report that i caved this morning at work when the office celebrated the secretary's bday with mini-cupcakes. 2 points down the drain, baby! guess i'll be walking when i get home...


OK, I had to chuckle at this one because of the post I wrote tonight regarding the discovery of CAKE in my pantry. I'm doing the weight loss challenge, too. I'll check back in on ya to see how you're doing! :-)



I just found your blog today. I started my diet last Monday, and I understand how hard it is! I have had pizza in the van (as I was bringing it home for my kids) and I have to make cupcakes for my son's school tomorrow.

Good luck to you!


Oh - will power. It does not exist for me even though my maiden name consisted of that one word. I have the power part. That is to shove a dozen or so donut holes into my mouth at warp speed.

You amaze me.

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