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June 20, 2007



Great job, congrats.


That's awesome, good job! And I'm so glad you'll have a chance to SIT DOWN (and by a pool no less, jeez...)


Did someone say pool? I so need a day by the pool.

Glad everything went well!


have a great vacation - and holy crap girl, more than 2 lbs? good job.


Lucky you! A pool sounds like a dream! Good job on the weight loss!

Katiebod (Rose are Red, Violets are Violet)

woo hooooooo.... I am so excited for you that the meeting is over. I know that feeling of exhiliration, relief, fatigue! I'm sure it was a job well done. I wish I was where you are (meeting behind me) Our biggie is in September...so we're in full swing.

Congrats again and enjoy your (much-deserved) vacation!


I hope you have a great vacation! And congrats onthe weight loss...I'm working on that, too. :o)


Congrats on the loss and enjoy your vacation. Sounds like you certainly do deserve it! Keep making healthy choices!


I read your blog for the first time today and I really enjoyed it. The layout is fantastic and the title just makes me smile. Great job!


You sound busy but happy. Have a great vaca!!

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