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August 27, 2007



I am NOT looking forward to 1st school days...

Tracy F

They look so cute!!!


love the pics... and LOVE that they're holding hands.
and hope the armpits recover and your heart does too! LOL


i can only run on the treadmill as well. otherwise my knees make me feel like i'm 100 years old and i make old-lady grunts when i'm going up stairs or sitting ;-)

Jenny from Chicago

Those pictures are all fabulous...but my favorite is of the three of you on that contraption at some condemned park. I remember all that fun stuff from childhood but now it's all unsafe so kids play on plastic (which attracts wasps but I digress...).


Aw, such cutie pies!!!!

And I had to give up on the runner thing too. My knees. But Dr. Oz (of Oprah fame) swears that walking is by far the best exercise there is. So walking it is!


Oh your poor armpits! You're such a kid at heart. I love the kids first day of school pictures. So sweet!


There's a whole lot of ouch in that post. I have the same issue when I run. I blame it on my years selling shoes -- Al Bundy Knees, I like to call them. Hubbz wanted so desperately for us to be a "running couple" that I gave it a try, but my body is just not cut out for running. On a good day I can walk fast than I ran anyway... lol

Cute pictures of the kiddies going to school. You should crop that one of them holding hands and get it blown up. So sweet!!

Hope your armpits feel better soon :-)

SAHMmy Says

That picture of your kiddos holding hands Must Be Framed!

New Diva on the Blog

Forget framing the picture of your kids, althogh it is quite adorable. You've got the frame that fabulous picture of the three of you on that ancient piece of playground equipment. Priceless


They are so cute!


O.K. That spinny thing makes me want to throw up just looking at it. I don't do spinny things.

Now if only you would give up walking, too, you could be my friend again!

Oh my God, those are cute pics. Are they both still in Preschool? And it's a good thing you gave up running because I'm not sure you could crawl if your arms hurt so bad.

Sincerely Anna

Now I want to cry. Your kids are adorable!


That last picture is one to hold onto...they are absolutley adorable on their first day. I love the one of you and your sis on the playground equipment. Still young at heart...and of course in real life too!! My friend just encountered the pregnancy thing when somebody asked her when she was expecting. She is not expecting, but they are trying so it was really awkward. Of course me being the great friend that I am just stood there stuttering because I couldn't believe somebody would ask that. I think dinner and cleaning the ladies house would do it!


That's the backpack I got for my baby who's starting Kindergarten Tuesday. Sniff.

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