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August 29, 2007



A weekend away with no kids?? Hmm. I could really use that right about now.


wow, that trip does sound fab. last winter was my first in northern indiana...i'm from L.A. i'm sorta dreading all those snowy (and cold) days stuck in the house with three boys...but its nice to have a new season knocking on the door. :)


I still love the seasons, also having moved here from So. Cal. I do get tired of winter, round about March/April. But the coolness of Fall with jeans and sweatshirts...love it!


Gosh, Beth, I could have written every word of this. EVERY WORD. Except the fun trip to Indiana, lol. But that's exactly how I feel. I hate to end summer. Even though there is SO much to look forward to. And wearing jeans is the high point! :-)


I love being able to wear jackets. I LOVE jackets. I have waaayyy too many.

Jenny from Chicago

Ahhhh....Northeast Indiana? The home of my childhood. Harvest which means the invasion of field mice who no longer have a place to live. Hay rides, bon fires, apple cider, and football games. Good stuff.

Adventures In Babywearing

I've already broke out my jeans. Mainly because they are the only things that fit right now (aside from a couple skirts but it's been so windy here that mine flew up yesterday!)- and when I mean fit, it's not because I've lost weight. It's because I've gained and not stopped. It's the end of summer hibernation mode, I think.



Glad to know I'm not the only one who seen this season change as a harbinger of Cmas! LOL

J. Fergie

what a nice post! i always get a little sad when the seasons change (except from winter to spring).

Merry Christmas!

New Diva on the Blog

So funny that you mention Christmas boxers. I have given my husband "Santa Pants" every Christmas for the last 17 years, and for the first 5 we weren't yet married. I am I edgy or what/1;)

LOVE fall and winter until about Jan.1 then I pretty much want spring and summer back!


I have been lurking your site for some time now...never commenting. I am so bad with that. Anyway, I saw your blog title AND HAD to comment. August and Everything After is one of my most favorite cds..by Counting Crows. Anyway, I wasn't sure if you knew of the cd too...and felt it clever as a blog title. I found it clever. Okay, I'll shoosh! Have a great day!


I LOVE YOUR FAVICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


Oh my gosh, my long sleeve tees are calling my name. I LOVE FALL!!

SAHMmy Says

The insane heat here was broken by a big fat thunderstorm yesterday--got me dreaming about pumpkin bread, watching the leaves change color, and windows open to the clean breeze!

Liza's Eyeview

oh man.. I know what you mean. I will be posting a similar post soon... yep..August and everything after - it's gonna be crazy.

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