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Laundry Buttons

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August 08, 2007



LOL!! The little boys that are spiritual brothers to me got a Wii and I have laughed my head off at it. I have yet to appear foolish by joining them, but I think the day is fast approaching!

So glad you had a good Anniversary! And saved him from the shopping :)


So I initially totally thought that you were celebrating the aniversary of getting your wii (you know like last year) I really am having a blonde day and not functioning properly. Anyway I'm glad you guys had a great day!

Amy F.

How cool, we got a Wii just a few weeks ago. A brand new one was thrown in with the house we bought (incentive to close by a certain date). We joked it's the real reason Mike wanted the house, not true! I have to admit I really never knew anything about it until we got one.

It is fun and something Alex can play, too, once in a while. As far as Wii injuries, we have not had one yet, but I foresee Mike pulling a butt muscle, or something, while bowling. He definitely gets into true form...he got 8 strikes in a row the other day, he's a pretty awesome Wii bowler.

Glad you had a nice anniversary (and both got what you wanted!)...the flowers are beautiful!


Happy Belated Anniversary!

We love our Wii. I have to admit that I am probably the most addicted.

I can actually beat the kids at some of the games. Makes me feel special. lol.


See, this is one of the many reasons why you are THE WOMAN for Brian. I remember fondly the gaming systems he's loved--from the Atari, Colecovision, 8 different Nintendos, a few Playstations...and now Wii. Such fun, and I'm glad you had a good anniversary! :-)

The Parents Zone

Well never got a chance to celebrate like this ...anyway Happy belated Anniversary...enjoy Wii.. :)


Oh yes, the Wii. It is a lot of fun and an easy way to waste an hour and not even realize it. I am enjoying tennis and ping pong. But, I don't think it actually counts as exercise or at least I don't recommend using it as a substitute (Brian!).

The flowers are so exotic and beautiful. Lucky woman.

You are rockin' with your new work out and motivation. It's quite inspiring. Keep it up girl!

Liza's Eyeview

Belated Happy Anniversary girlfriend! Enjoy the Wii and I look forward to that "challenge" post :)

J. Fergie

sounds like a fab night all around! wii, new handbag, flowers and qt with the family :)


Wii bloggers are so happy for you. And by the way, I caught that wii notation right away. My son has one..just got it a few months ago (saved his money) and it IS cool. Good going on the exercise thing (I say as I sit here stuffing my mouth with FREAKING peanut m and m's. Might as well just take them, melt them and rub them on my stomach with a little on the rolls of back fat cause that is where they will end up. ho hum. I'm exercising too, but unfortunately, I'm eating enough to also feed a small army. So...the net result ain't good.
Your flowers are pretty!


Too funny with your eighth anniversary and getting a wii too! I definitely think that the Wii could burn some calories if I would stand up rather than sit on my butt and play that is! Your flowers are beautiful by the way.


I've thought about getting a wii but then I get visions of me hurtling into the TV. not good.

good lord, another challenge? Good for you. I'm dead in the water.

Awesome flowers! That's quite an assortment!

Jenny from Chicago

Love the blog. I just posted the other day about laundry being like mountain climbing...when I saw your blog title I knew I'd found a kindred spirit.


Hi. I found you thought Julie. It looks like you have a nice blog. Although I really do NOT like video games, this Wii thing looks really fun. Non violent, requires calories.

Glad you had a good anniversary.


What a great and original and memorable way to celebrate your anniversary! If I see you with a black eye, I'll assume it was because Brian was playing an intense game ;)

You do know an extra-large screen, flat panel HDTV is necessary now, right?

Ann G

This sounds like many a anniversary I have had. I usually end up buying my own gift -- and dh sits and enjoys a movie (usually what I buy him) with me somewhere in the room, while the kids hang out in their rooms. The stuff dreams are made of:)))
Anyhoo, hope you had a great night.

casual friday everyday

I enjoy a good game now and then. Happy belated Anniversary.

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