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August 10, 2007





My issue isn't so much coffee (since I've never liked it much anyway) but just *knowing* I can't eat "makes me" wake up STARVING! LOL Hope everything went well!


I am with you here--if I don't have coffee, you better get the heck out of my way...and God help the person who blocks my way to the coffee maker in the morning.

Hope all went well.


My coffee is diet Soda (Diet Dr. Pepper) Try to restrict that from me. and you die. :)
That sucks that they didn't tell you before that you had to fast.....well, at least you'll have it over with.
Have a great weekend.


I wouldn't worry. Apparently, some addictions are good for you.




Oh the fasting.....it is the longest time on earth, that's for sure. I always (ok, the once a year I have to get blood drawn) treat myself to coffee out afterward, assuming I can drive safely to the nearest Starbucks!! :-)

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

While you're keeping your mind off coffee, you can play along... :)

I tagged you here..

Jenny from Chicago

Love the line about looking down at the crumbs on your shirt. LOL. You can do it...once you become a mother we can do things that mere mortals cannot.


Hey, I was thinking of you and I hope you made it through your night of fasting and a coffee-less morning. Ugg. I don't envy that at all. Most of all, I hope you get the answers from this blood test that will help make a difference. Love ya!


Once again, it sounds funny, but I hope your thyroid is screwy!

And I hope you enjoyed your 42 cups of coffee when you were done.

And I hope you at least shared some of the coffee with the poor sap at the gym who had to clean your pee up off the treadmill after you wet yourself from drinking so much coffee before and during running!


Aw, I hope you survived your coffee fast OK. I just had a baby, so I quit cold-turkey when I found out I was pregnant and I'm ALMOST to the point where I just can't resist starting to drink it again. :P


I heard somewhere that it's okay if you drink coffee before blood work. I did it once (drank coffee beforehand) and it didn't interfer with my lab values...just FYI. I hope you survived! I am a big breakfast eater -- at least something in the car. When I have to make those appointments, I try to make them for when they put the key in the lock to unlock the door and when I see the whites of their eyes -- I'll be there!

Glass Half Full

Last Wednesday I started my day without coffee (no cream in the fridge). Oh what a headache! After running an errand I headed to Starbucks like a panting dog to his water bowl. It was a sad sight, but my headache soon disappeared....


Ouch...I think I'd be the same way without chocolate.

SAHMmy Says

I worked in a hospital lab and they had us tell patients that they could have black coffee even for fasting labs. So the morning of my first c-section I gulped a cup on the way to the hospital (that's right--I ingested caffeine while pregnant.) The anesthesiologist was Not Happy--for some reason they don't want you to upchuck coffee during surgery! I almost didn't get to have my baby that day!

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