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August 28, 2007



A two week old??? What woman DOESN'T look pregnant two weeks after child birth? You can't possibily think you should stop making small talk for such a minor mistake. I mean COME'ON! You were showing interest in someone's live and there's such a small chance that could possibly go badly, why would you stop doing that when it would cause you to risk losing out on a potential relationship over one small mistake? Don't be so hard on yourself!!! Your small talk has developed LOTS of relationships and that girl is thinking much less about your conversation with her than she is. You're being a kind, friendly citizen and people should be lucky to have small talk with you!!! Don't punish other people because of one little 'oops'. k?

Adventures In Babywearing

OH MY. I hope you recover well tonight. I am sure it happens to the best of us... and may we all learn from your mistake!! : )

At least her baby wasn't 2 years old. THEN that might be bad.



I had a neighbor ask me when I was due 2 weeks after my oldest was born. I felt horrible but I knew she didn't mean it. I also made the promise not to say anything unless I know for sure.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Only two weeks after having a baby real women actually don't look like a size 4 with no children!

Jenny from Chicago

Hmmmm....what's needed here is Perspective! She has a pretty nice life if she's just given birth to her third healthy baby and her only problem is a little leftover baby tummy. She will forgive you and laugh about it later unless she's evil in which case she couldn't have been friends with you anyway. If you need me to write her a note to that effect, just let me know.


Ouch. I did the same thing once. Very embarrassing.

Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure she will make the same mistake some day and then she will forgive you.

Until then...just hide when ever you see her coming. lol.

Tracy F

Yikes!! "Open Mouth Insert Foot!" I know it well!! Just smile from now on and give a big polite smile! That is what I try, but sometimes my foot still finds my mouth!


I did something sort of the same but different. I bumped into a woman I knew that I hadn't seen in a long time at my DD's dance class. I saw (who I thought was) her daughter and was gushing over her saying "my goodness look how much you've grown!" when the woman says to me "Uhhhh THIS is my daughter" OMG, I was SO embarrassed...LOL


ooops. I am sure that your sincerity made up for the oops. We all make mistakes and I know that I beat myself up for stupid stuff I say and then when I go back to apologize that person doesn't really remember, at least they don't admit it.


uh oh! I did a similar thing. I was shopping for some furniture and the lady that was taking my order had the cutest maternity top on. I asked when her baby was due--- guess what---she WASN'T pregnant! I could have crawled under the sofa!!!!! At least your lady had been pregnant!!!


Ooooops!!! LOL. Oh I would SO do that. Well, I'm sure she understands. That happened to me, a week post partom. I so didn't take it the wrong way. But I'm laughing with you. :-)


I've done it. I was also mortified. I also promised never EVER to say it again.

New Diva on the Blog

Too funny, but I know how bad you probably feel.

A friend of mine did the exact same thing at our 20th high school reunion. The only good news, this particular person had visited the open bar one too many times and probably didn't remember the slight the next day.


Ouch. I completely laughed my drink out of my nose while reading this post. People are just starting to notice I'm pregnant (I'm 26 weeks) but I can tell they don't want to say anything for fear of me being just fat :) I usually let them off the hook and bring it up myself.


Oh how horrible. I think we are all guilty of saying that at one time or another in our lives. We're only human, right?


Oh, snap... That sounds like something I'd do. hee! hee!!

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