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August 12, 2007


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry

Looks like it was an absolutely wonderfuly weekend!

~hope the car doesn't cost 6 mil to fix!


Looks like a top-ten weekend, for sure! Aside from the air-conditioner thing.

Glad you made it home safely!


Aw, sweetie that pic of Ariel looks *just* like you! And, so glad to see you havin' fun! You've been workin' too hard lately! *wink*


Great pictures...I love my camera too! It looks like you all had a blast of course minus the whole no ac and sweating like a pig of course. Good luck gettng it fixed!

Amy F.

Your niece is adorable. I can't believe she's 1 already. Sounds like you guys had a great time while down there. How neat to be able to spend a fun weekend with family once in a while. Yours always sound like they get along so well :-)

Sorry to hear about the awful trip back. Doubling the trip time does not sound good. I really hope that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to get it fixed, but I know you'll want that air back.


Wow those pictures are amazing. Your niece the is most beautiful darling little girl (in addition to Ariel, of course!). Were you passed out under a picnic table?

I am so glad you guys had such a great time away from home and hectic schedules, well, minus the van problems. Hope it gets fixed soon and doesn't cost you a fortune.


What a doll!!!

Glad you had a great weekend, right up till the van problem. Atleast you didn't have to push the van home, right? right?!?!

J. Fergie

your niece is soooo cute! all of the pictures are great actually. glad you had fun! sorry about the van. but look on the bright side - you lost 5lbs sweating :)


Ugh, I can't stand the heat. At all. That just sucks about your car. I'm sorry!

But it looks like you had a great weekend! You have been a traveling fool this summer! Go you!


Wha? It seems like yesterday when your niece was born. Has a year seriously gone by? She is absolutely adorable.

BTW, you look really skinny under that red gingham.

So sorry to hear about the van :( We had a drive from Vegas like that (4 hours that turned into 8). We were in the desert (110 degrees) with carburetor issues. Not fun at all :(

casual friday everyday

Total cutie! I love all the pictures :)


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