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August 13, 2007


Jenny from Chicago

Ha! Great post. I really enjoyed your description of the run. You are a witty, witty woman.


Okay - I am dyin' here! You made me sound like some kind of crazed insane running freak! Horns?!?! Seriously! It's all good and you really kicked some butt out there. I am extremely impressed at the sprint at the end. You are turning out to be a runner whether you like it or not. I hope you're not too sore tomorrow! Can't wait to do it again on Thursday - 3.1 miles - Yeah baby!


That is totally awesome! I've been stuck with a friend like that before, and even more guiltily, I've been that friend. Little did I know my gal had Asthma...oops. Anyway I can't believe being tired as I'm sure you were that you shaved.


You are absolutely right. That is second base when you're married.


You just made me laugh so hard that I cried! Not that you weren't able to run...that was a sympathy cry...but at second base and your husband's reaction to you using his razor...oh and the nacho card! I am still laughing...I can't even form sentences!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry

You rock, dude! You ran 1.2 miles! That should hold you for a month, right?


Oh, I am cracking up at Brian's response about his razor and second base.

So, you up for TNT - San Diego in 2009? I've been considering doing it, but have no one to join me.


You go girl!!! That is awesome!

And lordy yes- touching your legs is second base when your married- heck after 17 years here it's thrid base! LOL

Ruth :)

Thank you for making everyday life fun! :) Your honesty in your everyday life reminds me of the simple fun our days encounter - whether it was funny at the time or not .... in the end, it's a memory and a simple fact that life is what you make it :)


I've always thought that my husbands razor shaves way better than mine. I think it's the whole quad blade thing.
Good you for sticking with the run. I would have collapsed at the .2 mile mark.

Misty Dawn

Awesome post! You had me laughing out loud! And the razor thing - YES, WHY do women's razors suck compared to men's???


You crack me up! I have to agree with you on the razor thing. My hubby gave up years ago complaining about it. He likes the results so it is worth it. LOL




OH, very funny on the run! I hate running, so I can totally relate. But I would have stopped and then gone and got queso after she took me home.

I was loving my Venus Divine razor until I got a bad blade. My legs still aren't fully recovered and it's been WEEKS! I didn't want to shave again and shave off all of the scabs, so I figured I would try Veet. CRAP! Biggest mistake of my life. It ate away all the scabs, bled like crazy and my legs burned all night long. So don't ever be tempted to use that stuff. It's the epitome of EVIL!


LMAO! In my head, her voice took on a whole demonic quality. Too funny!

And you are so right about 2nd base...


I am so proud of you!!! I loved the comment about a car on your chest. ha ha. You crack me up as usual!


WOW...I'm impressed...I couldn't have done, not even for the nachos. Go you for being able to take a shower and SHAVE. No way...I would have hit the bed with hairy legs and all.


Holy Cow! You ran a whole mile? Kudos to you, seriously, I can walk to Chicago and back, but running kicks my ass. Like about 45 seconds and I'm D-U-N. You're awesome!


Congratulations on the mile! How satisfying is that!?!! I've just worked myself up to 3 miles a day. Whoopee! (I can confirm that the f-bombs do help near the end. It's like verbal fuel!)


OMG! I am so proud of you for running! I can't do anything like that. I'm too lazy. Hope your nachos were good! And if it took you 8 years to borrow his razor you aren't rude, you're a saint! Gave up shaving years ago, and I've only been married for 4!!

J. Fergie

ah yes, the nacho card. she's a sneaky one that Lynette.

and i love brian's comment :)

New Diva on the Blog

O.K. the running part was funny, but the part I found most insightful was the part about the razor. Why is it that all razors for women categorically suck and the razors for men rock? Hmmmmmm it is a puzzle we may never have an answer to, so in the meantime keep stealing his!

Liza's Eyeview

Any body aches this morning? Ahhhh but it's so worth it. I too need to start running.

Jason A.K.A."Devil With Horns husband"

Don't let my wife, Lynette, fool you - it's easy to run when she's been -10% bodyfat and working out like an "olympic athlete" for 2 years.

I am proud of what everyone has accomplished for the cause and I support the effort and sacrifice everyone has made to care for others. You have a wonderful husband and dedicated friends who truly understand the greater cause.

Keep up the good work!

Jason Murphy


Horns and nachos. That would have kept me running. I get in plenty of sprints with a two year old, but it has been a LONG time since I tried anything further than from the front door to the sidewalk.

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