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August 02, 2007



That is such a neat idea on the mailperson thing. I have to admit, I don't often think about them..but you are so right. I'm going to try what you said! Thank me a mail carrier.

The gym thang...I totally understand. It is hard to get back into it. I have taken a couple of weeks off and this week, I have slowly eased back into it. Did a 45 minute cycling class tonight and thought I would die. Really. My crotch hasn't hurt this bad since...well, lets not go into that. ha ha

Anyway, I feel your pain.


OMG, I thought I was the only one who didn't run for those reasons! Amazing. Must be a Hoosier thing!


I am so extremely impressed with your efforts. I love the fact that you really want to run with me - it makes me feel so loved that you would do something you currently despise. And I can totally see the wine glasses in hand as we jog down the trails! So funny! But, I don't look remotely close to Cindy Crawford, except I do have a small mole on my face! You can't even begin to say you'd represent Nell Carter. You are WAY off! And just for the record when I run (to this day) I still feel like my booty is a jello jiggler. Not a fun feeling, but I suppose it's natural.

Our mail carriers drive their own vehicles like some ghetto postal car. We are in city limits, so I dont't understand why.


Thanks for the info on mail carriers. I didn't know that. I love our mail lady. She has never once cursed me for all the catalogs I get, and I always give her a little something at Christmas to make up for the overabundance of catalogs that come around that time of year. But I never thought about the water thing. Good idea!!


Good for you for getting to the gym and running. Running for two minutes when you are not used to running is great. I started with walking 5-6 minutes and then running 1 and a trainer at the gym was saying that this was actually really good because it was getting your heart rate up over and over again. I am also not a runner, but would like to be so I have just been trying to decrease the minutes walking and increase the running. Good luck!


Beth, you crack me up!!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with the jiggles. I'm not brave enough to RUN on the treadmill, the thought scares me, I can only imagine what the other "gym-goers" would think or say!! :) Have a great weekend. Keep up the good work!

Amy F.

The Nell Carter running next to Cindy Crawford comparison cracked me up, although is not even remotely a legit comparison. And your belly possibly killing a small child, oh my gosh...you're hilarious.

Running for a couple of minutes in intervals is awesome. I have done that here and there (but not for a while...and the butt jiggling is a real issue for me as well) and have always hoped I could keep working my way up to more...running for much longer periods, but I never really succeeded at that. I hope you can. Maybe after this next kid I can become a runner, haha...not so sure about that. My breathing gets so out of whack; I sound and feel like I am going to die just after a few minutes (and that's a slow jog).


Oh I feel your pain, girl. The jiggles. UGH.

J. Fergie

i'm jigglin' baby.

so i feel your pain. my hubby likes it though. well, not the jiggly stomach.

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