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August 22, 2007



Amen. But as much as I love being a mom, I also love the friendly reminder my period brings every month that I'm not pregnant.

And whoever came up with the slogan "Have a Happy Period" should be taken off somewhere and beaten senseless.


"have a happy period" - puh-LEEZE!!

I hate getting my period (although the alternative...) We should not have to give birth AND have that every month. My friend just went on that pill that has you only get 4 periods a year. She l-o-v-e-s it!!


Oh man I HATE my period! And let me tell you the PMS that goes along with it is UGLY!!! Then there is the feeling that someone has stuck a vaccum cleaner between my legs and it is sucking all of my internal organs out!!!

I say let the men deal with it for just one month and I'd be happy!!!


I so hate the period to and is it me or have the mood swings gotten worse the older you get?


Amen, and pass the wine.


Hate it. With every fiber of my being. But! Thanks to certain hormonal BC pills, I only have to deal with it four times a year. While I still have to deal with the mood swings (to a lesser degree), not having to deal with the crimson tide makes the mood swings so much easier to deal with. I still want wine, though.


Oh how I agree with every word of this post. Plus... while you're dealing with it all... and dealing with your period... you have to deal with your husband being annoyed about you having your period. I'm sorry... their not being able to have sex while we're bleeding and crampy and bloated is not my problem.


Aunt Flo is visiting me too and just yesterday I was wondering what my husband, who faints at the site of blood, would do if he had to change a tampon 4 times a day. God bless women and all we do. The world would be very dirty, hungry and grouchy without us. Great thoughts today. Thanks.

Rambling Shan

Oh, I am so with you. None of my clothes fit right, I think everything looks like crap on me, I break out like a teenager...and I am uncomfortable.

And I am with Thea: "Have a Happy Period?" It is obvious a MAN wrote that slogan.



New Diva on the Blog

I needed a hysterectomy about a year and a half ago. Surgery not fun, not having a period FUN!!!!

J. Fergie

before i reached the end of your post, i was going to say that you know exactly WHY it's us women. men wouldn't be able to handle period cramps for 15 minutes. so it's only natural that we are saddled with this burden in addition to all of out other responsibilities. men can't even find the mayo if it's obscured by a jug of MILK in the refrigerator. they wouldn't stand a chance trying to handle all that we do.

it's because we're the superior gender.

Jenny from Chicago

That New Diva on the Blog is right!! I too had to have the equipment removed and instead of cigars I sent tampons to my girlfriends....it's heaven ever since.

Minivan Mom

I have mine right now too.

And the joy is that after nearly 15 years on the pill (not counting pregnancies) I am now hormone-less (thanks to the big snip for dh) only to find that my periods are MUCH heavier and worse than before. For the first time in my LIFE I have cramps and lower back pain.

THIS is my reward for birthing 3 babies and not having to use birth control anymore? Are you KIDDING me?

pass me a Snickers, I'm on a rampage.


Hey! Remember me, from 10 comments ago? I was all, "...four times a year! Blah blah! Whoopee look at me showing off! Blah blah!" Well, guess what. Fate just kicked me in the cervix, here on vacation, where my period just started a whole month early. On vacation. Completely unprepared. Oh, how I love being a woman.


I feel your pain.

SAHMmy Says

I haven't had a period since I got pregnant with my son in 2003! My OB put me on the minipill after he was born (it doesn't interfere with breastfeeding.) It's Norethindrone--a form of progestin, no estrogen. The brand name is Micronor. You take it constantly with no break. I got pregnant easily with my daughter when I went off it, then went right back on 6 weeks after she was born. Yippee!

Melissa Ingold

I am just coming to the end of Aunt Flo and my hubby has been a grouch all week because he didn't get none, lol!

Like it's my problem ;-)


Seems we are on the same schedule. Aunt Flo is visiting me also.

However, I would much prefer to suffer silently than to have my husband moaning about for a week and having to take care of him.

This way is much easier.

Katiebod (Roses are Red, Violets are Violet)

before you send me hate mail when I tell you that I don't have them... I DO get them maybe once or twice per year and it's a year's worth of cramps, nausea, fatigue, zits, moodiness...you name it.

Am, I'm going through that right now. And, to make matters worse...sometimes I'll get all the PMS stuff every month but no, um...red dollar days...so to speak.

I know...Eve ate the apple! Haven't we more than made up for that yet??? ;-)


My theory is that the reason we're the ones that have to handle all that is because we *can*.


I hear you loud and clear on this one.

Someone really needs to write Always a letter and tell them that there is no such thing as a happy period. PERIOD!

Ann Clemmons

What a fantastic blog! I want to have one just like this when I grow up! This post was hilarious too, and thank you for visiting, A Nice Place In The Sun!

Thank you for stopping by-


A Nice Place In The Sun

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