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September 18, 2007


Southern Girl

You're looking great, Beth, and I'm sure you feel so much better. I've made the same discovery about eating more frequently, and I find this is especially true during that time of the month. For about a week I'm absolutely ravenous, so I let myself eat a little something about every two or three hours -- it's helped immensely in not binging during that time.

Good luck with that last five pounds and getting into the groove exercise-wise!


You look wonderful. What an amazng job you did! Like I said at my place last week, You inspired me to try!


I'll owe you a low cal dinner!


Congratulations on your success in the battle to lose weight! I need to work as hard as you did. (There's a reason that I post a lot about getting fit...) Anyway, you look great in your new photo.


Beth you are looking both fantastic AND fabulous. Those goals are great ones! Good luck!!


Well, girl, your weight loss story sounds a lot like mine. I really should join your challenge but quite honestly, I am soooo unmotivated.

I did notice my pants were a little loser on Sunday so maybe just trying to cut back is working. I refuse to weigh myself right now. I know, it is silly.


Beth, you do look wonderful. That last 5 can be almost harder than the big numbers! I know you'll do great and make healthy choices.


Good for you!! That's some progress. I'm really struggling lately to stay in my clothes. It's like my metabolism just plummeted or something. Ugh. You're an inspiration! :-)

Sincerely Anna

You look great, Beth. Way to go with all your weight loss success and I know how much losing that last 5 pounds means to you - you can do it!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine)

Wow! You look great!! Keep it up hon, you can definitely do it.


You look great Beth! I love the "before and after" photos. Those last five are always the hardest to lose. Good luck to you!


You look great!
Good luck with meeting your goal!
I need to be joining you, but am just not motivated right now. Someday, I'll get there too!


You are going to make it girl..or should I say, we are going to make it...I have 35 lbs. I would like to lose. You look great in your pictures...


I am just starting my weight loss efforts with the TFTS challenge. You have inspired me! I need to lose 40# and it seems so huge. Thanks for sharing. Here's to your 5 and my 40!


Rhonda (Mimi)

I put up my before & during pictures..go check them out. I will post my after picture in January.

New Diva on the Blog

You are very brave for sharing your weight. More power to ya!


Well, I'll be newly breastfeeding the New Baby in 2008 so my focus needs to be on health versus looking great. But that said, if there's a challenge in 2009, I'm IN!

You look great! Congrats and good luck on those five pounds! You can do it!

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