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September 24, 2007


Adventures In Babywearing

Awesome! Emailing you now!



So...I'm about to post it too!

Misty Dawn

Ummmm, it's been so long that I forget what "normal" nights and mornings are!


I would love me that vacuum!! And I hear ya on the being too busy. And honestly, I love your blog and the fact that you write about "nothing" - I think its interesting. And you make me smile everytime I read you, so keep writing :)

I wish I could more consistent but my real life gets in the way unfortunately (or I guess maybe thats a good thing?)

Anyway, I am considering the 2008 weight challenge although I didn't do so hot in the last one....

Thanks for visiting me.


ohmygoodness, i want that pink vac sooooo bad.
is that wrong? 'cause if it is then i don't want to be right.

enjoy some normalcy!!


Once a day blogging seems like a pipe dream sometimes, doesn't it??

I just went in today and created 10 new posts...with nothing but titles. Hopefully if I brain dump into the post title it will remind me when I've got 1400 other things going on what the heck I was going to talk about...

Rhen (yestheyareallmine)

There may be almost 1500 people ahead of me but I am still hoping to win it! LOL

You did great for nothing to blog about. I have to agree with you- where DID Sept. go?


Bummer! DaHubby's outta town that weekend plus we received Flicka's first non-family birthday party invite for that same time on that Saturday. Maybe next time...

How are you feeling?

And, how did your fund raiser go?

Linda Kasper

I was on the Moms of Grace site when I saw your blog's name. It remind me that I should be doing other things than on the computer. It is a great name for a blog. Also, I wanted to tell you Good Luck on winning the Dyson. They are great. I have the Dyson Animal 07. It works wonderful.

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