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September 28, 2007



I giggled. It is a very important day when we actually shave isn't it?

I want to play drunko, I mean bunko too! How fun...


I'd be intersted in seeing an "after" picture of you're living room if you're willing to post it. We're thinking of doing the same, and I'm just not sure about it. Thanks!


Just thought I'd share...find an experienced direct-entry midwife (or lay midwife) in your area. Most of them do those annual thingies, and are waaaaay better than any OB. I know. I've done both. And midwives are cheaper. :-)


You are going to love your laminate! Yay!




How exciting!!!

I have my "special" appointment on Monday. Thanks for the reminder that I should probably shave my legs.


I must have missed the post about carpet vs. laminate...but I have to stick in my 2 cents....I looooove my laminate/hardwood floors. I do not miss the carpet. We have one kind in the family room we put down about 10 years ago and we trek thru the garage into the kitchen with groceries and it still looks like the day it was put down. It does take a special cleaner and I want to stress to you that you need to use the cleaner they suggest...cause that is what keeps it looking like new. We have another kind of laminate in our living/dining area and it is a better quality than the family room and I just love it too. It has a special cleaner as well, but I never have to clean it..only when something spills or a dog accident. The only down fall I have is, I have to make sure that water or liquid stands too long if spilled...cause it will buckle the spot..we have a few hidden spots to prove it....other than that...enjoy your new floor..it's a whole new world! Breath healthier!


I'm so jealous! I have been wanting laminate flooring in my kitchen (currently tile) and dining room (currently carpet).


Brawny robes! LOL :)

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