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September 02, 2007



That first shot is great! It's always nice when some poor innocent bystander will offer to take your group picture.

You totally did like make out with my camera didn't you? That's cool...it will be there next meet up!

But seriously, I had a great time meeting you and all the other ladies. It was a blast and I had a great time chatting it up!

Next bloggy meet up? Can't come soon enough...

Adventures In Babywearing

I have been suffering with this cold all day long and your post totally cheered me up! I love the mean mom faces, too. I hope to be well tomorrow and post all about it, too. Can't wait to meet up again and be a bit more lively next time!


Jenny from Chicago

Okay, WTF....Born in Ft. Wayne, now in Chicago went to undergrad in Rensselaer and law school at Valpo. Why was I not invited? ::SOB::...it's high school all over again.


Looks like you all had a wonderful time!


What fun. I wanna come next time! I live in Seattle, but so be it...they have planes to your parts!

visiting from crooked eyebrow.

Great blog....love the template!


What a great post! Love your title! You summed it up so well. I really had a great time with everyone. I would have stuck around too, but I promised my hubby that I would bring him back dinner...imagine, mexican dinner at 8:30, by the time I got home. Can't wait for the next meet up....


This was a good time. Hope to do it again soon. We should probably plan somewhere we can hang out a looooooooooong time where we won't get funny looks or have to stand in front of the restaurant!!! Guess when your having fun it just doesn't matter!!


It looks like you all had a blast...I wish I lived in Indiana!!


I wanna hang out next time!!! I'm "living" partially in Ft Wayne for a while!!


Oh! Names with faces....thanks for posting pictures :-) Looks like everyone had a great time. I'm going to take pointers from some of the mommy faces--MAM doesn't take me seriously yet!


That sounds like you had a blast!

nice bra.


Looks like you guys had a great time! But, now I have the Indiana Beach song in my head. LOL


I had a blast on Saturday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures.........you and Crooked Eyebrow could not put those darn things down!


Is Southwestern Michigan close enough? *wink*


I'd come out and join the group just so some of you could help me with the Mean Mommy look...some of you, sorry, look like pushovers! Must work on scowling! Evil eyes! Tsk-tsk facial expressions!!!


I had a great time with everyone. I'm glad you all helped me remember that girls night out is important. So I'm ready for the next one when ever!


Sounds like a great time...and I remember that slogan well. I never got to Indiana Beach, but oh well. The slogan has stuck with me!


enter text? test, sorry


J. Fergie

how awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

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