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September 27, 2007



Must have been the same little girl that I couldn't resist buying 4 boxes of cookies from. I would have bought more...I am a thin mint whore...but they are so stinking expensive!


Everybody deserves a little treat now and then!!! No need to feel guilty (unless you're planning to eat a whole sleeve in one sitting like I usually do -- that's the recipe for guilt right there!!)

Adventures In Babywearing

Mmmm... Samoas... my favorite. You can send them on to me if you feel the need to get rid.



samoas solve EVERYTHING. that's a fact.

oh, i so want some girl scout cookies right now....


Oh sure. I totally get the connection between Girl Scout cookies and teenage lust! Do you think if I put on a short plaid skirt and white knee socks my husband would know which one I was sellin'? :)


Girl Scout Cookies.....

oh no. i mean yes. i mean no.

I'm screwed.


ahhhh... the irony.

Kari C.

Is it already time for Girl Scout cookies? Man, I do love the Tagalongs. I have actually hidden them from my family. I lie and tell them I only bought 2 boxes, but I really bought 4. Now, that's guilt;o)


Ariel actually only has 2 more years until she can become a girl scout and sell cookies. How great is that?! My neighbor is in 1st grade and it is her first year that she is able to sell the cookies which makes me extremely happy because I have been without a girl scout cookie hook-up for too many years. My 6 box order should tie me over until next year. I hope!


Samoas! Gotta love the Samoas! And the tagalongs, and the thin mints...this is gonna be a bad year... At least I can call them Samoas here. At home they are Carmel Delights, and I'm like...WHAT?


I'll 2 boxes of samoas for each hip, 1 box of tagalongs for the belly roll and heck throw in the thin mints for the double chin. Oh, I forgot to say please!

Wow, I forgot what it was like to "neck" in the movies!

Misty Dawn

Oh, I LOVE the peanut butter sandwich ones, the lemon ones, and the thin mints! Gosh, I need me some girl scout cookies now!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine)

Mmmmmmmm! I love thin mints. They are my downfall when it comes to cookies. I just can't resist them.


YAY! Girl Scout Cookie season has arrived! :-)


I had a visit this week also from a Girl Scout and found myself ordering 3 boxes. I love the thin mints after they have been in the freezer.


what the? Girl scout time? Our girl scout time isn't until February. Did they change it? Must find out. Neeeeed coooookies.

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