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September 24, 2007



Start watching The Office...it's hilarious! We are totally addicted to it...season premiere is this Thursday!

The Pumkin Patch

Til Death on Fox. Stars Brad Garrett, it's HILARIOUS!!!!!

Adventures In Babywearing

THE OFFICE. You don't have to catch up to the past seasons (unless you want to, then check out TBS on Tuesdays I think as they are re-airing or you can get the DVDs.)



I'm anxious to find the answers to this. I've given up on sit-coms. I watch Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race (highly recommend) and Lost. Was watching Without A Trace and The Unit, but kind of lost interest in both. WAT is too intense, and Unit got too silly.

Amy F.

Mike and are HUGE Office fans. Knowing your sense of humor I think you'd love this show. You need to check it out. I think the first 4 episodes, or so, are an hour long, but it's typically a half hour show.

We also like How I Met Your Mother. It's on Monday nights on CBS. I think it's the only CBS show I watch. It's really funny, too. Start watching and let us know what you think!


Sadly, I don't think there are really any fresh, funny sitcoms.

Husband watched the Office, which he finds hilarious. I'm personally still grieving Gilmore Girls being over. My mom and 2 sisters and I all watched it and discussed over e-mail the next day. No more, though. Sob!



I know what you mean. Well if you are not looking to be tested afterwards and just want to laugh I would stick with the CBS comedies on MOnday nights...Two and a half men is just plain out funny, Rules of engagement is also pretty cute i think that was new last year and I just started watching it. I am still an according to Jim fan, other then that sitcomes are almost becomign a rarity these days. and most of them are just "insult shows" where it seems like every word out of their mouth is to see how much worse they can insults someone else so that is a bit annoying. Good luck let us know what you decide. oh shoot I did forget one. Til Death with brad garrett is so funny! Brad GArrett and Joeyly Fisher have a lot of funny chemistry on that show...you really believe they are a real married couple.

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

Back to you on Fox... Wednesday 8pm (EST). Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer.

It's set in a news room. He was a big time anchor that moved his way up and after a little faux pas he's back where he started in Pittsburg.


Two and a Half Men is great too... I think that's Monday nights on CBS.


Personally, I am a big "Biggest Loser" fan. I love to watch success stories and those people try so hard! But, heck maybe I should start watcing the Office like the rest of the bloggers!


I don't think there ARE any really good sitcoms left and I am SO SAD about it. I am still mourning Friends. Mostly for the quick, lightweight escape I watch Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs. But I do kinda like The New Adventures of Old Christine... and I like Two and a Half Men, too, although I am embarrassed for hubby to catch me watching it! Definitely not "family friendly" tv! I have hopes for Back To You as well. I've pretty much given up on finding one to really enjoy... am settling for American Idol and the dancing shows.


I come bearing three options...only three worthwhile options...

The office is good.

My name is earl is great. I had to be forced to watch this twice and then I fell in love.

How I met your mother on cbs is the bomb!

Here are your options. I wish you luck.


Without a doubt...THE OFFICE. We are hooked. Addicted. Can't live without it. Every situation calls for an Officeism and one of us is always at the ready with one. Premiere's this Thursday. First couple of episodes are ONE HOUR LONG...but don't let that scare you off...it's just double the laughs!


The only show I've ever comitted to was grey's anatomy, but after reading all the things for The Office, I might have to give that a try too!


The Office is Great. i think it takes more then one or two viewing to get hooked though.. We really enjoy it.

Overwhelmed With Joy!

I don't have a recommendation but apparently others think The Office is good so I'll have to check that out myself. :)


THE OFFICE!!! I can't live without it and the more you watch it, the funnier it is. Even re-runs are funnier the 2nd time around because you just catch more.

I also really like The New Adventures of Old Christine and How I Met Your Mother.

Can I admit that I love, Tori & Dean-Inn Love, on Oxygen? It's one of my favorites and yes, I realize I may have just lost credibility with some people, but I don't care. I love it!


My husband and I both enjoy Scrubs and My Name Is Earl. However, we don't have little ears around to worry about. Unfortunately...we don't really like the Office. (sorry) There really isn't much out there! And, Girlymama, I am still mourning the loss of Gilmore Girls too. We usually spend our limited TV time on the new gameshow craze, like 1 vs 100 and Deal or No Deal. Happy viewing.


We LOVE How I Met Your Mother. One of the few shows I'll watch "live", not on the DVR. My husband LOVES Scrubs...I enjoy it. The Office...we try to get into it and some weeks like, other weeks not so much.

Southern Girl

Absolutely check out "The Office"! It's the best!


You know how we all love THE OFFICE and Earl. I'm also a fan of the CBS Monday night line-up--Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement....funny stuff!


I have to watch Will & Grace too on chan.42 at 10 & 10:30, then it's on at 11 on chan.9...that is my all time favorite comedy. I love the old Everybody Loves Raymond shows. There is really not a new one that I can recommend. I never did get in to the Office. I love the old ones...Golden Girls, Reba, Friends...


Definitely JERICHO. You can catch up on it at www.cbs.com/primetime/jericho/ ! I love that show!


totally The Office - one of the best shows on tv!

a happier girl

The Office! I love The Office! It even has a sweet little interoffice romance.

Sincerely Anna

Oh yes, I second (or third or ninth) the suggestion for you to start watching The Office. Hilarious.

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