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October 29, 2007



Is your poor, lonely, neglected Sony in need of a new loving home? Hmm?


I'm so excited for you!

Yea! for more pictures. Just the fact that I can snap a picture without lag time and missing the whole entire shot in the first place is worth it!

and the costumes? Very cute.

Adventures In Babywearing

That's not your dog is it? Just some random dog? That camera is awesome!



Wow, that dog costume is really good - haa haa.

I have a Canon, but it was between the Canon Rebel Xti and the Nikon D40. I know you'll love it. The pictures are so crisp. Love them. Your kiddos are so cute. Happy picture snapping.

Sorry about the computer.


We have that camera! We have that camera!!

Don't you just LOVE it!?!?!?!?

I swear it changed my life and I can use nothing else!!


Ok isn't that disney buzz costume the best? My boys have it and I'm amazed at the quality. Totally great.

Misty Dawn

I'm so totally jealous of the new camera. And, like you, I need a new laptop also - but I can't convince the Hubs of either one ;-)

Chrissy Witt

Great pics with the new camera!!! Congratulations to mama!!


Oh... I'm so very jealous of you and your camera.


good choice on the camera...i have a nikon dslr, and i LOVE it!! in fact, i kiss it every morning before work. enjoy!!!


That dog is SO stinkin' cute! (So are your kids in their costumes). Very nice camera you got there!

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