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October 18, 2007



That is impressive! I'm proud of you too!

Food and vacation getaways usually go together...


Diana the Scale Junkie

I'm proud of you too! Building these habits will help us on our journey to better health. Thanks for proving it can be done!!


That's great! I have a tendency to go overboard at times like that. I think you did awesome!


That's great! Its so easy to lose yourself in vacation food & drinks. Good for you!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Pretty good, considering what was in the cart! Good for you!


Wow, you did great! Next month I'm facing 2 WEEKS of being away from home. We will probably be in a suite-type hotel, so we'll be able to go to the grocery store and get healthy stuff, but I know there will be lots of temptations! Like you said, it's OK to have the good stuff, just not a LOT of it. :-)


Wow. That's hard to do. I have Bunco tomorrow night. I have yet to attend a Bunco and not PIG TOTALLY OUT. I always go with good intentions. But . . .

Could tomorrow be the night??? I really don't want to put on any extra pounds right now. In fact, I could stand to lose a few. Says the waistband of my pants. So. Wish me luck! You're my inspiration!!


Nicely done....to have enjoyed it thoroughly and yet not have overdone it--it's a tough balance!


That's excellent! Way to go Beth!

Sincerely Anna

Great job - I know it's hard to be good when you're out of town. Hey, I was wondering - what scale do you own? I'm shopping for one and I've never had a good one.


Good for you girl!!!


You rock! Awesome job this weekend. I, on the other hand, would've finished everything that you didn't...especially the soft pretzels!

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