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October 16, 2007


Weightloss Diet Watch

Lazy? Nahhhh... I am just wondering how did you do all that shopping, visit to restaurant and cooking dinner? after a long trip... you are great... :) and you need a good massage.



Hope you feel better tomorrow. Wow, that is really high blood pressure. Praying it comes down tomorrow.


still that high!!
i hope you got lots of sleep and call the doctor's office first thing in th morning.

But, I'm glad you're so exhausted and unable to unpack, that must mean you had lots and lots of fun right?



I've learned that if I just get the unpacking & washing out of the way AS SOON as we get back home then it doesn't seem so much of a chore. Good luck & I hope you're feeling better soon.


Man, oh man! You need to sit down and have a stern talking to with your BP, friend! It sounds like it's just being a total brat!

Seriously, though...I hope they find a solution soon. I'm starting to worry...


Those are some scary numbers. I hope your Dr. can get this figured out soon!


Tell the Dr. he needs to figure out what's going on. Those are scary numbers. Thinking of you!
And, I hate returning from vacation, it takes me a week to unpack.


Take your time, the unpacking will wait! Get some rest talk to the doc and find out what is going on!! Thinking of you!

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