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October 01, 2007



I have to agree - McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee is the greatest!!! Their iced coffee is really good too! I'm a sucker for the McGriddles, so I have to stay far away too! :)


I love, LOVE, fluffy-pink-HEART McDonalds coffee. Esp that fact that any size at our local McDo is $.69. So I am totally justified in getting the super-dooper-jumbo size.
The only problem is when I go to pay the parking meter and Husband says, "Where are all the quarters?" And I say, "I have no idea. I certainly didn't use them to get coffee at McDonalds. Certainly not that.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse)

Here's how much alike we are. I buy the Dunkin Donuts coffee by the bag to brew at home. I LOVE IT. And I will not pass a McDonalds without stopping for the coffee. SHHHHHH. It's better than S-t-a-r-b-u-c-k-s.

Katiebod (Roses are Red, Violets are Violet)

Coffee and cinnamon rolls
Sounding quite yummy
But it certainly won't help me
Flatten my tummy

Stay strong my sista
Continue the fight
Cause others like me
Do share in your plight

I'll be thinking about you
And know you'll be brave
Cause you'll have to report
Whether or not you behaved!


Hang in there!


Katiebod's back!

Dude, could those cinnamon melts BE an tastier? Seriously, I want to cry every time I bite into them because they are one of the best things I've ever tasted. EVER.

Ugh. So good. Now I want some...


The cinnamon melts are awesome! What a weakness. I haven't tried their coffee as I'm addicted to Starbucks, just next door. But for the price perhaps I should have a cup next time I'm there.


Mmmmm....forbidden donut....

I have never tried dunkin donuts coffee. I usually brew starbucks house blend at home.

Although I did try a cafe americano at starbucks the other day- 0 points!


I also, love a good cup of coffee!! The other stuff is always waiting to be added on, it is just to easy. This is the reason, I cannot be trusted to stop at fast-food restaurants, even if it starts out to be just coffee. I am proud of you for being able to stop and just get coffee. One victory at a time!!!


Yeah McD's is really good. Not better than Sbux as one commenter said (let's be honest, saying things like that is asking for trouble). I've gotten a few bad cinnamon melts lately which has helped me say "no thanks" to them. They stop being good when they're dried out like petrified wood.


i can relate but in re: to starbucks... their coffee cake and pound cake (lemon) is beyond amazing...


Love the McD's coffee, it is very good for the price. And a small is free on Mondays! Free! But of course, I could not just ask for the free coffee. I have to get a nice, greasy and salty hash brown to go with it.
I could drink their iced coffee every day too, but I think it has about 1400 calories in it. :(


I am a huge fan of coffee, yet..I have never tried Dunkin Donuts...McDonald's on the other hand..awesome coffee..I agree, just as good as Starbucks...that is, if you just want a regular coffee.
Cinnamon melts rock!

Jusice Jones

What a great post! "I just sat there, my hand getting sticky from the melting glaze, my upper lip starting to sweat, my heart beating fast at the thought of popping it into my mouth, my mouth, losing all form of function, with drool dripping to my hips." I know how this feels. My kids love snacks and I love snacks but I'm not three, and I don't run around in playground three times a day. It's hard out here for a mom. It's hard. Stay strong!

Sherri Poall

As a PR rep for Dunkin' Donuts at retail, wanted to let you know that you can get a free sample of Dunkin' Donuts coffee sold in supermarkets at http://www.dunkinathome.com to give it another try

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