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October 21, 2007



the heart thing... now you know what I feel like all. the. time. My natural resting heart rate is around 98. Gah! It sucks.


WOW, that is quite an ordeal! I pray that things get better for you (or that you have a really good Lawyer)!



I went through the waiting game for an ultrasound already. Exact same story. Never a smart way to deal with a hormonal lady. Are these people nuts?

Rhen (yestheyareallmine)

My mom deals with Thyroid and it took them years to figure it out. Her symptoms were very spacey so no one even thought to look at her thyroid until her eyebrows fell out, she gained 15 pounds and her heart started skipping- alot.
I dealt with a similar nasty ultrasound receptionist on baby #3. I was very good at holding my temper that day. It was only because my children were there and God knew one day I was going to come to him. He didn't want me to off a receptionist in the mean time. LOL She really was that horrible!


Oh my! I am glad to hear you had self control with the receptionist. I don't think I could have! I say play whatever card you can to get what you need. Hopin' and prayin' you get this figured out soon!


Dude, don't you think they should told you about the excess hormones or whatever. Seriously!!

And go you for calling Doc on a Saturday!


The thyroid really sucks. I think mine is messed up right now too. I gained 3 lbs overnight and only lost 1 the next day. I never put on 3 lbs in a day, and that day I hadn't even been that bad. So anyway. I hope I lose more tomorrow, b/c this SUCKS. Lately I've been hardly eating and not losing anything. I'm already on a low dose of synthroid, but I'm gonna call and get my thyroid checked out. Maybe it's going wonky on me.


Do you think someone should have told you not to take the medication on the day after? Do you think they should have been a little more informative as to what could possbily happen? Maybe, just maybe.

Tracy F

Well now, I think that is just a little bit scary. I would have totally called the doctor. WHY wouldn't they tell you that. I hope all is well today.


I would have called the doctor as well!

You are a stronger woman than I am. I would have not been very nice to those people for making you wait like that.

I hope you are feeling better! How's the b/p? any better?

Minivan mom

Take care of yourself. High BP is not something to mess around with - I almost stroked out with pre-ecclampsia after having Bailey (yes, AFTER). I had to be on magnesium sulfate and lie on my side for the first 2 days after delivery - every tried to learn how to nurse as a first time mom while lying on your side?

Anyway, my point is...I feel for you. And I'm a tad worried. Take it easy.


oh my goodness! ((hug))


You poor, poor thing. I am so sorry. But, your post about the doctor's office..that made me laugh. hard. I think I even farted. hee hee. The funniest part was when you said you thought you accidently applied for a small loan....TOTALLY HILARIOUS :)

Sincerely Anna

Oh, I hope you get answers soon. I'm sorry you're going through all of this - it sucks.


What an ordeal! Good thing you don't have to do that all over again (hopefully!). But you have managed to make a crappy situation quite hilarious.


I really hope that whatever is going on subsides soon or that you can at least get it figured out to avoid any further episodes like Saturday..wow, how frightening....Get better soon!

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