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October 10, 2007



Hooray for guacamole!! That would definitely NOT have worked in my favour, but I'm happy to see you've broken beyond your plateau! What an incredible feeling!! Congratulations!!!!


I have got to go get some guacamole!


Either the guacamole or the yummy dessert. Yup, I think that may have been it.

What a great feeling huh?



You rock!
And let it be said that there is nothing a little chips and guac can't fix.


Not so much a fan of the guacamole, but hey! Congrats.


yay for you!!! I weighed in this week (at WW) and stayed the same. I had gained about 7 pounds over the past few months and I've been disgusted with myself. I have lost a few of those so now I'm going ever week to try to keep myself accountable. Anyway, I stayed the same this week.


totally the guacamole ;-)

Well done!


Hooray for breaking plateaus! :-)


Yay! Great job!

You joke, but between you and CrookedEyebrow...maybe it WAS the guac...


Nice!! Avocados are very healthy, you know....Congrats--I completely know the joy of a lower number :)


I'm such a sucker for the guac. Healthy but fattening! (Especially because I eat mine with greasy chips!) A market near me makes the guacamole fresh everyday. It's AMAZING!


HOLY GUACAMOLE, congrats on the loss!!!!


Staying the same is always better than gaining... but losing is oh so much better! Good for you!


Either the guac, or the magical healing properties of that margarita footbath!

Jenny from Chicago

Perhaps the dinner we had lightened your spirit.

Diana the Scale Junkie

Congrats on your loss...I'm going to my neighbors yard and borrowing a few avocado tonight!

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