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November 09, 2007



What a cutie! I guess she knows what she wants huh? Wonderful...


That's so great that she made the decision on her own. And... it's great that it made both of you happy.

Chrissy Witt

Very cute! Happy to hear you involved a professional, that has been trained to use scissors!!!


She is a mini Beth.......But she is very cute!!!!!! We grew bangs out about a year ago, it is a pain. You will be much happier now that you can see her cute face.


One less decision to worry about! She looks darling. I love how she actually requested the cut herself. She sure is growing up.

New Diva on the Blog

She looks great, and kudos for you for waiting for her to make the decision! Now you will never hear "mom made me do it', at least about he bangs!


Man, I have lived that decision time and time and time again... At forty, I believe I've finally accepted that I am just a bangs kinda girl. She looks adorable and I applaud your allowing her to get to the "cut them off NOW" place on her own.


ugh, I am in the do I trim her bangs or grow them out stage right now with my three year old....who is known for not making up her mind on anything, so I can't really count on her to make the decision. I'm THISCLOSE to just going ahead and trimming cuz seriously, she looks like your little one's before picture and it's driving me CRAZY!!! LOL. I think your post was my last shove in the 'cut-m-off' direction....thanks. *GRIN*

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