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November 29, 2007



girls are fun to buy for.

Love the look of your blog - very fun!

Adventures In Babywearing

I only know the boy side, but just moments ago I asked Carter (up sick, poor guy) what he wants for Christmas and he said, "I know! My very own little Christmas tree!" and I said "what else" and he said "that's all!"

Ok. When they're that sweet you want to buy them everything, only, he doesn't want anything!


To Think is to Create

I only know the boy's side, too, so I know what you mean by b.o.r.i.n.g. That's why I'm excited when one of them asks for artsy stuff like paint and stamps. :)


My boys are actually much easier to buy for, right now, than my 13 year old girl, who already seems to have everything.


A tree, huh? That cracked me up. And I love that Ariel wants a real camera. Reminds me of her mom!


Too cute...my boys have already emailed their lists to Santa..lol...it continues to grow as well....all I have ever had to shop for were boys....I envied the mothers that had carts piled with little girl stuff...boys stuff is boring to shop for...transformers, soilders, ninja turtles, etc...oh, well..hopefully one day I will have a granddaughter...in 20 years or so...lol...


our kids only get three gifts each because that is all Jesus got (gold frankincence and myrh). This has saved us so much hassle and headache over the years.

It might be a little hard to start after the fact, but we started a little later (I got the idea from a friend) and my kids caught on right away.


I saw the tree request and I immediately thought of this...


I actually thought it was a really neat gift idea.


I'm just the opposite...with a house full of girls, I'm sick of buying all that princess stuff! I'm done with my sons shopping though, I think all that boy stuff is fun!

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